ScoutU, a family owned and operated company, scouts games and events, looking for college talent. Once we identify an athlete as having college potential from seeing him or her play in person, on video and/or by talking to at least one of his or her’s coaches, we set up an in-home or online video chat consultation to determine if the athlete has the drive, character, work ethic and academic capabilities to get recruited by college coaches. We ONLY help athletes we determine are college talent and are athletes colleges will be interested in. We have this standard to keep our impeccable reputation with college coaches and also it’s only fair to the athlete to give them an honest evaluation if he or she can actually get recruited to play in college. We come up with a game plan for the athlete to maximize his or her exposure to colleges. We give a trustworthy assessment of which colleges would be the best fit for the athlete and be the most realistic in which to be recruited.


  • One-on-one consultation
  • Unlimited support and guidance
  • Personal recruiting website with video
  • Unlimited website updates
  • Video editing (including updates)
  • How to shoot video guideline
  • National exposure
  • Exposure event emails to college coaches
  • Advanced College Search with 16 different criteria to find the colleges that are the best fit
  • Access to a search which features college coaches’ emails, social media handles and links to team websites and social media pages
  • Exposure to targeted list of colleges
  • Monthly athlete updates to college coaches
  • College coach email tracker
  • Athlete message to college coaches guide
  • Monthly recruiting tips and advice
  • Social media exposure
  • Transfer service for JUCO/college athletes
  • Sibling and multiple-sport program/discounts
  • Athlete Personal Portal page
  • College coach email database that gets updated monthly


Powered by Productive Recruit

  • Up to 16 different criteria at your fingertips to find the colleges that are the best fit for the athlete
  • Research the schools that come up in your search results. Each college team page includes the coaches’ names, emails, office phones, coach/team social media handles, links to the school’s athletic website, links to the team’s questionnaire, fields of study offered, graduation rate, acceptance rate, undergraduate enrollment, average annual cost, religious affiliation, ACT/SAT scores and GPA
  • When you go on a team page, it offers suggestions for similar schools that have similar athletics, academics, cost and locale
  • Simply click on the coach’s email address to email the coach or click on social media pages to visit and follow/like
  • Favorite schools and rank them based on your interest
  • Write custom notes on each of your favorite schools and mark and sort schools based on 9 different ways of interest that has been shown (for example, in contact, interested or offered)
  • Information is updated monthly, so you can be confident you’re getting up-to-date info

We are not just a do-it-yourself website. We provide you the tools and guidance to be successful in the recruiting process, but it takes a teamwork effort between ScoutU, the athlete and his or her parents.


ScoutU, a family owned and operated company, only works with a small number of athletes to make sure we can devote the necessary personal time with each athlete’s family. We believe in quality over quantity.


  • Saves time and money
  • Increase chances several schools will be competing for you, giving you more options of where you can play
  • Increase chances of obtaining more scholarship money
  • Stay up to date on recruiting rules
  • More likely to find the perfect college fit
  • Learn how to communicate with college coaches more effectively
  • Learn what questions you should ask and information you should find out from colleges
  • Have a video colleges will more likely be interested in
  • Be smarter about what showcases/events to attend
  • Be smarter about what college camps to attend
  • Be smarter about what colleges to visit
  • Know when and how colleges can communicate with you


ScoutU offers FREE recruiting seminars for teams, events and schools. ScoutU Owner/Scout Jason Lauren has given recruiting seminars for the Future Collegiate High Exposure Basketball League for 10 years; for the Greater Milwaukee College Workshop for 3 years; and many other teams, schools and events. Our recruiting seminars cover (see a highlight video to the right on computers, below on phones/tablets):

  • Recruiting process, step-by-step
  • Importance of academics
  • NCAA/NAIA rules
  • Facts and myths about the recruiting process
  • Tips on how to navigate the recruiting process

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