We are more than just a do-it-yourself website that anyone can join. We take a personal approach to helping each athlete and their family. Each athlete has different athletic and academic goals and varying needs with recruiting. Read below on just a sampling of these experiences and how ScoutU scouts have helped their dreams become a reality.

Brent Widder

Baseball, Sheboygan North H.S., University of Evansville

Jacky Holloway

Softball, Waukesha West H.S., Saint Xavier University

“I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for your guidance during the college recruiting process for Connor. Both Ben and I were appreciative of your support as we entered this complex and daunting process, particularly as we were so late in the recruiting season. As you know, when we first met at the end of July, just prior to Connor’s senior year in high school, we were struggling with the baseball recruiting process and what to do to market Connor more effectively. We were concerned that Connor might have missed his opportunity for a baseball scholarship. Your guidance and advice certainly pointed us in the right direction so that we could use our resources and very limited time wisely. By following your suggestions, Connor was exposed to a host of college baseball coaches who were interested in him. The email blast and mailing resulted in dozens of responses from coaches, which ultimately led to Connor having multiple offers to evaluate. We are thrilled that Connor will be playing baseball at the University of Notre Dame in the fall. Thank you for all of your assistance and help in the recruiting process.”

Tammy Jo Hock, mom of Connor

Baseball, Bay Port H.S., University of Notre Dame

“It’s impossible to count the number of coaches that contacted me since enrolling in ScoutU. I went from having no contact with coaches what so ever to having too many to keep track of. Before I committed to Robert Morris, I had offers at every level from Prep School, to JUCOs of each division, to NAIA schools and Division 1 and 2. It’s hard to count the exact amount of JUCO and NAIA offers I had, but I know I received eight offers between Divisions 1 and 2 . If I had to estimate, I’d say I received about 40 offers across all levels. Jason was great! I had a lot of questions, and he had a lot of answers for them! Jason and ScoutU brought my exposure to new heights and got me in touch with coaches at the level I knew I could play at. It was a great investment that led to me getting a great scholarship.”

Patrick Suemnick

Basketball, Denmark H.S., Robert Morris University

“ScoutU and Jason provided Sierra a competitive advantage in her recruiting journey. Not only was Jason always available and quick to reply with excellent advice, but the website, video, college contacts and emails provided Sierra so much opportunity that we simply would not have been able to accomplish independently. Sierra received several offers and was able to make the choice that provided the best scholarship, academic and athletic fit. I would highly recommend Jason and ScoutU. My only regret was that we did not start working with ScoutU sooner in this process! Thank you Jason for all your guidance and expertise through this recruitment process!”

Rebecca Mattano, mom of Sierra Thomas

Softball, Arrowhead H.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth

“We started looking at ScoutU after seeing what they were doing for other girls in our area for college basketball recruiting. During our first call with Jason, he was able to not only explain the ScoutU program in detail, but also gave us tons of valuable information on the process that prospective college athletes go through. Our daughter was contacted by over a hundred college coaches that showed interest in what she was able to bring to their teams. Through visits and phone calls, she came away with 12 offers to play college basketball at the D2 and D3 level. She ultimately chose a D3 program that she felt was not only the best fit for her from an educational, athletic and personal level but gave her the chance to play basketball for a very good team and great coaches. During our final visit to the school she committed to, the coach specifically mentioned that the way they first saw our daughter was through the ScoutU email that was sent to them.”

Jeff Payton, dad of Emma Payton

Basketball, Burlington Central H.S., Trine University

“An overwhelming amount called since enrolling with ScoutU. Before ScoutU, I wasn’t in contact with any colleges and was starting to get worried, but ScoutU opened up a lot of doors for me. Jason has been super helpful with my recruiting process and answered all my questions. Before enrolling with ScoutU, I was very unfamiliar with the whole process and didn’t know where to start. Jason helped me through all of it and was very supportive.”

Hannah Meshnick

Softball, Hortonville H.S., Illinois State University

“Jon Feyen and ScoutU helped Adalyn take a holistic approach to the recruiting process, spending a lot of time understanding her options and where she would likely find the best fit. Jon was also always available to offer advice and make key connections. We would highly recommend the ScoutU team to any athlete that is serious about playing sports at the next level.”

Jeromie Johnston, dad of Adalyn

Golf, Bay Port H.S., University of Nebraska Omaha

“Jason and ScoutU helped Kaeley immensely with her recruiting journey. Jason first reached out to Kaeley after watching her play in the Showtime Sports Showcase after her sophomore year. Kaeley had a minor injury that summer and missed some of the key exposure/showcase tournaments prior to her junior year starting. She had a few conversations going with schools but felt behind in her recruiting process. Jason’s help changed the entire trajectory of her recruiting, and I believe his help was a huge competitive advantage for her. Jason helped create her skills video, website and opened many doors with the email outreach programs. Most importantly, he coached her on how to represent herself and communicate about herself. This part of his advice was eye-opening and a game-changer for her. ScoutU’s advice and email outreach generated 300-plus unique interest responses, an overwhelming number, and many that Kaeley wouldn’t have known about otherwise. This led Kaeley to about 35 significant conversations, visits, etc., at all division levels. She ended up with many offers to consider and ultimately found her fit at a D3 program (UW-La Crosse). Jason was always available through the process for guidance and support — but he teaches the kids about the process, what to consider/expect and the skills to be confident and independent. For us, this was the huge value and add his service provided to help navigate the unknowns of recruiting. I would highly recommend Jason and ScoutU to anyone in the recruiting process. If we could go back in time, we would have started with Jason sooner!”

Paul Niemiec, dad of Kaeley

Softball, Menomonee Falls H.S., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“DJ was extremely caring, and we could tell he had Paige’s best interest at heart,” her mom Lisa Marshall said. “He was very easy to reach and talk to whenever we needed throughout the process. He wanted to be kept in the loop about all the coaches who reached out and when we had visits. Paige had a lot of coaches contact her, and she had a lot of questions that DJ was always able to help with.”

“After narrowing it down and visiting her two favorite colleges, she got offers from both and was also given offers from a couple other schools she talked with. Paige is very happy with the college she will be attending and so are we as parents. Without ScoutU’s help, she would not have been looked at by all the schools that reached out. We are very grateful that DJ found us when he did! ScoutU made this process so much easier than trying to do it ourselves. We’d highly recommend DJ and ScoutU!”

Lisa Marshall, mom of Paige

Soccer, Lake H.S., University of South Carolina Aiken

“Having Jason help me with my recruiting process was really eye opening and helpful as someone who wasn’t really experienced with recruiting. I’d say that because of the amount of colleges I was able to reach in a short period of time because of Jason, it really helped me get noticed by multiple schools so I didn’t have ‘all my eggs in one basket.’ Not only did Jason help me find lots of schools, but he also made sure that they fit into what I wanted to major in, how far I was willing to travel, and many other things. Overall, I would recommend ScoutU to anyone that was serious about becoming a student-athlete in college. Thank you so much Jason and ScoutU!!!”

Jacqueline Holloway

Softball, Waukesha West H.S., Saint Xavier University

“Through ScoutU and Jason Lauren, I was able to be connected with hundreds of schools that fit me both athletically and academically. I was able to get my name out there and Jason followed through on everything he said he was going to do. I greatly appreciate Jason and everything he did for me, knowing he did everything in my best interest.”

Brandon Merfeld

Baseball, La Crosse Aquinas H.S., Saint Mary's University (MN)

“ScoutU was a tremendous help to my family and me finding where I could see myself the next 4 years. Once I enrolled with ScoutU, I had numerous schools contacting me through email, text message, and calling me. Jason was a huge help in learning about the recruiting process with the answers to any questions we had, and he did everything he could to get my name out there and help me find a place to play.”

Paeton Kringel

Softball, New London H.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

“Mia has been with ScoutU since freshman year of high school. So, from the beginning of this process, Jason has been there for Mia and us. We/Mia did not know what this process was going to look like. Jason was next to us the entire way. He helped Mia break down different regions and where she wanted to be. He provided resources for Mia on the appropriate questions to ask when the time came. Mia was able to learn about so many more schools than she even knew existed! When September 1st came and Mia received calls from D1 coaches, Mia was prepared and ready to speak with them. Jason would talk with Mia and us after her visits and help break down the visits and help her look at the visit through a different lens. Jason has always been there for Mia for any questions she had and has supported her in so many ways. We are grateful to have Jason with us during this process and cannot thank him enough for making this more of a journey rather than an overwhelming experience.”

Brian & Kim Buske, parents of Mia

Softball, West Bend West H.S., South Dakota State University

David Bogenschutz, dad of Kate: “Jon Feyen was very helpful in Kate’s recruiting process. He really took the time to get to know Kate as an athlete, as well as a student. He was able to get her exposed to colleges and universities that were a good fit both academically and for their golf programs. Jon and ScoutU were willing and able to answer any questions she had pertaining to the recruiting process. Thank you to Jon and ScoutU for all of your efforts in helping Kate find a great fit in a university and golf program.”

Kate: “I received too many emails to count! I talked to many schools after enrolling in ScoutU. It was a great help!”

Kate Bogenschutz

Golf, Cedarburg H.S., University of Montana

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping Kurtis get his scholarship from the College of Lake County. Throughout the entire process, you helped by sending out emails to let colleges know where Kurtis was playing and attaching a link to his video. Kurtis ended up getting 22 colleges that wanted him to visit. Even after committing, he is still receiving interest from other schools on a weekly basis. You definitely separate yourself from the rest by personally scouting players at the showcases and building up relationships with the college coaches. Best of all, we will be able to work with you over the next 2 years, while Kurtis attends junior college to figure out where he will play his final 2 years of college baseball. Thanks again for your help, and we look forward to working with you!”

Paul Sippy, dad of Kurtis

Baseball, Oak Creek H.S., College of Lake County

“Jason was always very attentive and ready and willing to make any changes to Kooper’s website, regardless how many times I sent him things via text, Facebook Messenger or through the ScoutU portal. He put her videos and information on there in a way that was very telling of her ability and showcased her very well. The exposures and information he provided in those was great and caught the eye of many coaches! Very thankful for the exposure and reach Jason and ScoutU has for athletes! Thanks again for your work you put in for these athletes so they can further their goals and dreams!”

Facebook review: “We started this process very early in our daughter and son’s recruiting journey. Jason is very attentive and willing to be available to make any changes to the kids websites to upload new content and to make sure that the best videos and information is on there to showcase the kids the best way possible! The exposures were great and most definitely helped tremendously in their recruiting journey. Kooper is committed to a D1 softball program and Eastyn will be in his 2nd year at D1 JUCO. So, we will utilize this service for him in coming days again!”

Brooke Barnes, mom of Kooper & Eastyn Barnes

Softball & baseball, Lincoln East H.S., University of South Alabama & Highland Community College

“Jason was extremely instrumental in landing our son a D1 scholarship. From laying out a plan, to knowing what to focus our time and energy on, Jason guided us through the overwhelming sea that is college recruiting. Always quick to respond to our texts, emails, and other questions. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Jason.”

Melissa Dirker, mom of Isaac

Baseball, Howards Grove H.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Amy Dziondziakowski, Morgan’s mom: “Engaging Jason Lauren/ScoutU was the best decision we ever made!! Through his expertise in creating an amazing website for our daughter and his getting her credentials in front of hundreds of college coaches, she found the right college fit for not only softball, but her major in echocardiography. We found that these amazing athletes weren’t just his business, but his passion! We would and do recommend ScoutU to anyone and everyone!! Thanks so much Jason!!”

“I am beyond excited to be able to play softball for Saint Mary’s University. Saint Mary’s is the perfect university for me. Thanks to Jason, it made it easier for me to get in touch with the coaches at Saint Mary’s so they could watch me play and eventually recruit me as part of their team. Thank you Jason for all the help you have given me in getting recruited and finding the right college for me.”

Morgan Dziondziakowski

Softball, South Milwaukee H.S., Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Meaghan McMenomy, Grace’s mom: “We are very grateful to have worked with Jon and ScoutU! They were able to get Grace’s information out to hundreds of coaches and because of that, Grace talked to coaches all over the country. Thank you for all your help.” 

Grace: “Jon Feyen was always open and available to answer any questions I had. He reached out to schools on my behalf and was very helpful throughout this process. I’m very thankful to have him helping me.”

Grace Durkin

Golf, Notre Dame Academy, Loyola University-Chicago

“Since enrolling with ScoutU, many, many colleges contacted me about how I’d feel playing ball there. I had lots of calls with different coaches and programs to try and find the right fit for me. Jason and ScoutU have helped me tremendously. I am so grateful to have been able to work with such a great guy. I don’t know if I’d be living my dream of playing college baseball if it wasn’t for ScoutU. The connections they provide are vital for getting recruited and finding the right fit. I began the college search late, and not only did they accept me and believe in me, but they also helped me through a tough situation to find a good school where I can grow as a player and a person. I am very thankful for the help they provided me in my journey. I couldn’t ask for anyone better!”

Zack Flattum

Baseball, Park H.S., Saint John's University (MN)

“Robyn Lea Maready, Kyra’s mom: “Travis was an extraordinary asset in this process. We were so far behind on the recruiting process and were lost. He remained steadfast and focused on what he felt we should do and where we should focus. Sometimes you felt like giving up, but he would never let us. There were so many barriers imposed on us at what seemed like every step of the process, but he never let us down and pushed us through. He was there for many mom texts and lots of late-night phone calls and working with him felt more like one of the family rather than just a recruiter doing a job! I am so happy I ran into one of his posts on Facebook! When he met Kyra, I think he knew immediately Kyra’s heart and how much she really loves volleyball. He recognized her commitment and work ethic. I feel like we all connected instantly. I know he wanted her to find a spot somewhere that filled her heart and where she would finally fit in. That is Bryn Athyn College! It was truly a pleasure to meet with him and work with him.”

Kyra: “Since enrolling with ScoutU, I have had numerous colleges contact me and want to speak on the phone. I have had multiple universities that wanted me to come for a visit.”

Kyra Wardley

Volleyball, Clarendall Hall Academy H.S., Bryn Athyn College

Parents of Kendall: “We want to thank Jason Lauren and ScoutU for helping guide Kendall towards her dream of playing softball beyond high school. From our first meeting, he reassured us and instilled in us that it wasn’t too late for her as an incoming senior to get recruited. He praised and focused on her strengths and was frank and honest in conversations. She gained instant exposure through his process and emails and texts came flooding in. She began doing weekly coach calls and replies and everything progressed very fast. She had a couple instant standouts with coaches and programs in what ‘checked her boxes’ and felt like the right fit. We highly recommend this process to parents and athletes as Jason was very hands on and instantly available to our needs, questions and keeping things on track. We are beyond excited to watch Kendall continue to play at a higher level!”

Kendall: “I have never had so many offers at my fingertips before! I had two scholarship offers with my top two schools, and I had three other offers. There were many great options that I had, and I am so thankful that I was able to have the opportunity to be in contact with so many different places. I had calls with six colleges within two weeks. I could have had many more with the amount of emails I received, but I was only pursuing colleges that I was interested in.”

Kendall Weik

Softball, Phillips H.S., Madison College

“Since enrolling with ScoutU, I was able to efficiently contact many colleges from the very beginning and start my process very early. I got several responses back, and as I went through my junior year lowering my scores, I was able to resend my updated information whenever I wanted. This helped me get many opportunities with a vast majority of universities that fit my criteria as a student and an athlete.”
— Treva Dodd


“Working with ScoutU had a lot of benefits. For us, the main benefits were a very polished athlete profile website and a single point of contact for questions. Jon Feyen was very informative and always on point.”
— Andy Dodd, Treva’s dad
Treva Dodd

Golf, IMG Academy (Fla.), Butler University

“Since enrolling with ScoutU, there were many colleges that reached out either via email or calls. Day by day, different schools were reaching out and there were more than I can even count. Jason and ScoutU as a whole impacted my recruiting process in many ways. One being opening my eyes to colleges that I would’ve never known about and giving me the opportunity to get my name out there. Through the process, if I had questions, Jason was always there to answer them and handle any concerns that arose. Without working with ScoutU, I would have never been given all the opportunities that I did to play at the next level and pursue a long-lived dream of mine.”

Morgan Stevenson

Softball, Kimberly H.S., University of Wisconsin-River Falls

“Since enrolling with ScoutU, I had around 50 schools contact me. Jason Lauren and ScoutU had an enormous impact on my recruiting process in terms of throughly explaining how the process works, specifically for me, and putting my name out so more colleges were aware of me. I wouldn’t be the player I am now without the help that ScoutU recruiting gave me.”

Katie Hansen

Basketball, Fremd H.S., Hamilton College (NY)

Laura Stevenson: “My daughter had many offers and interests from all levels – many schools that we wouldn’t have known about without Jason’s help. She is now able to live out a goal of hers to play collegiate softball all while getting a great education.”

Mariah Stevenson: “Jason Lauren and ScoutU had a big impact on my recruiting, because I was able to learn about and get in contact with more schools than I would have otherwise. Thank you again for everything!”

Mariah Stevenson

Softball, Kimberly H.S., Bemidji State University (MN)

“ScoutU did a great job getting my name and video in front of hundreds of coaches. It was overwhelming replying and staying in contact with coaches around the country. Jon Feyen, my recruiter, knew just when to get my name out there. Jon would contact me throughout the process and kept me motivated to keep searching for the right program.”

Sam Nielsen

Golf, Fond du Lac H.S., St. Cloud State University

“Before ScoutU, I wasn’t sure if I was able to play college softball, but after receiving lots of interest from coaches, I feel so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given! I had five DIII coaches tell me they wanted me to play for their team, along with plenty more that were very interested in me. Additionally, I had a JUCO offer and a preferred walk-on spot for me at a DII school. I would never have thought that I could have so many coaches reach out to me before Jason Lauren and ScoutU. ScoutU opened so many doors for me and I couldn’t have found UW-Eau Claire without it! I didn’t know where I would fit in, but after seeing multiple schools thanks to Jason, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve received throughout my recruiting process. Thank you, Mr. Lauren!”

Paige Lathrop

Softball, South Milwaukee H.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“I received four other offers to play Division I softball. I’ve had at least 20 college coaches call me throughout the years of having ScoutU. The website and recruiting profile ScoutU created for me gave coaches a chance to see my skills in game action and in a practice-based setting through an email alone. My website was always up to date with my newest stats and accolades (both athletic and academic)! Also, the emails sent out by ScoutU really helped me get my name out to coaches. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done to help me in my recruiting process.”

Kally Meredith

Softball, Kaukauna H.S., Florida International University

“(I received) probably 15 official offers.  I think I would have had more offers, but we chose to turn coaches down upon first contact.  I was contacted by more than 90 schools in 30 different states and received offers from D1s, D2s, D3s, NAIAs and JUCOs. Linda is great. She is personable, genuine and did a great job sending info out and always did it with so much enthusiasm. She was able to prepare you for what was coming and had great advice. If it wasn’t for ScoutU, I may not have had the other offers that allowed me an in-depth look into programs on official visits, so that I would know Transylvania was the school for me. ScoutU did help me find the right fit, because I did have options and that was the goal of joining ScoutU.”

Keaton Hall

Basketball, Model Laboratory H.S., Transylvania University (Ky.)

“Jason Lauren was a great point person for any questions we had along the way. He was very helpful and very quick to respond to any questions we had. There were many things about the recruiting process that we would not have known about had it not been for Jason’s help. ScoutU helped Gabby find MATC through the regional exposure emails. MATC was not a school that was on her radar, so when the coach responded to the exposure email she was able to research the school and ultimately choose it as her school.”

Facebook review: “We found ScoutU and Jason in Gabby’s junior year of high school. The insight Jason offered was invaluable in Gabby’s softball recruitment journey. We, as parents, were able to stay involved and in the loop during the process to help guide our daughter and help her along in the college selection process. Jason was always super fast with his responses and never hesitated to answer questions from any of us or to offer advice on next steps. It was so great to have the ScoutU tools available to simplify what could have felt like a very daunting task of tackling the world of college sports recruiting. We’d recommend Jason and ScoutU to any athlete who wants to pursue their sport on the collegiate level. Gabby will be playing college softball for a D2 JUCO after receiving a scholarship – she is so excited to pursue her desired career path and continue playing the sport she loves. It was a win all around!”

Matt & Torie Champeny, Gabby's parents

Softball, Beloit Turner H.S., Milwaukee Area Technical College (Wis.)

“Prior to meeting with Jason, we had no clue how to even start the recruiting process, much less how to help our daughter speak to the coaches. The ScoutU program was seamless. Jason sent us a basic checklist of things to do. The most work we had to do was to find clips of our daughter and submit them so ScoutU could put together a highlight reel. But the most helpful part was the ease of sending letters to the colleges that our daughter was interested in.”
Joe Ethen, dad of Caitlyn

Basketball, Glenbrook North H.S., Carthage College (Wis.)

Pamela Murray, Ryleigh’s mom: “I would like to say thank you so much to Scott and ScoutU recruiting for the amazing job they do and the time he takes to help kids like my daughter. She is living out her dream playing softball at the next level and getting an education while doing it. What you do for our kids is amazing and very much appreciated.”

“Before Scott, my recruitment was non-existent. I had been to a couple of camps, but I was slowly coming to the realization that I may not play ball in college. Within minutes of signing with ScoutU, I already had a college interested in me.”

Ryleigh Murray

Softball, Whitfield H.S., Fort Valley State University

Ryan: “Jon Feyen helped me by reaching out to as many colleges as he could have, and answered questions that my parents and I had for him. He definitely impacted the process a lot in a very positive way.”

Megan Darling (Ryan’s mom): “Thank you to Jon Feyen at ScoutU for helping us through the recruiting process for our son, Ryan Darling. We were struggling with the process before working with Jon. He held us accountable and introduced us to his/ScoutU’s network of contacts and coaches. We feel like our son ended up making a great choice at a school we would not have been introduced to if not for ScoutU’s network. We are very appreciative of Jon’s work.”

Ryan Darling

Golf, Notre Dame Academy, University of Minnesota-Mankato

“Before ScoutU I only had one call with a college coach. After using the program, I had at most 20 different calls with programs from D2 to NAIA.”
— Catey Carney

“We were pleased with our ScoutU experience. Jason gave us a comprehensive overview of the platform and tools and shared a lot of knowledge about the recruiting process in general. I think the tool that had the biggest impact for our daughter was the exposure emails. Emailing coaches with targeted messages before her tournaments increased the number of schools that came to watch her play, eventually leading to phone calls and visits.”
— Stacie Carney, Catey’s mom

Catey Carney

Basketball, Glenbard East H.S., Morton College

“Since enrolling in ScoutU, I had so many more colleges get in touch with me. Jason helped to start me out in the recruiting process, and he was there to help with everything. I wouldn’t have gotten in contact with as many colleges as I did without Jason. He was a huge help in the recruiting process, as I was unsure in which direction and steps to take. Thank you so much Jason and ScoutU!”

Abby Garceau

Softball, Mishicot H.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

“Jason and ScoutU were integral and provided a platform to Isabel’s recruiting process which ultimately led to her accepting a D1 offer from Saint Louis University. That platform provided all the tools necessary to help get noticed by multiple schools. If you are serious about becoming a student-athlete in college, ScoutU can certainly make that happen.”

Jay Royle, dad of Isabel

Softball, Sun Prairie H.S., Saint Louis University

“Linda had a huge impact on my recruiting process. Every time I had interest in a school, she would reach out to them for me and send a letter. She was always on top of her work and supported me throughout my process. Linda came to my games and would post my tournament schedule throughout the week, which shows her commitment and caring towards the athletes she works with.”

Angelina Giordano

Basketball, Loyola Academy, Emannuel College

“Jon was great at helping Jordan get all of her stats and experiences organized in a way she could share with potential colleges. He also helped us understand what playing a sport in college looks like and so much more.”

John Shipshock, dad of Jordan

Golf, Waunakee H.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

“Jason definitely made Casey think outside the box. At our first meeting, Casey was dead set on only going to local schools but after Jason explained to her the difference between a local school and a school 6-plus hours away, it definitely made Casey really think about other schools. After Casey’s first exposure email, her in-box  was full of schools that wanted to talk with her. ScoutU gave us the tools our daughter needed to be exposed nationwide. From NAIA to D1, after her video was emailed, she immediately started to get emails and calls. Jason and everyone at ScoutU made the experience easy and worthwhile.”

Tiffany Arthur, mom of Casey Navarro

Softball, Kettle Moraine H.S., Illinois College

“As you navigate through the recruiting process, you quickly realize there is a lot to learn. Most of the time, we found ourselves saying ‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’ This is where Linda came into play and helped us on this journey. She was always quick to respond to any email or call and always gave us the direction we needed. ScoutU’s assistance with video clips and social media was a total game changer. We would recommend Linda to any young athlete starting the recruiting process. It is a very daunting process but ScoutU made it manageable.”

The Keinsley family (Maggie)

Basketball, Homestead H.S., Saginaw Valley State (MI) University

“A big thank you to you for helping our daughter’s dream come true! Through the process, you were there for us every step of the way. You were careful to provide guidance without bias or emotion, so that the decisions were ours to make. I always appreciated your quick responses to my questions and accessibility through email, texting and Facebook. I am convinced that the email blast that was sent out when the video was done was what got the attention of coaches and emails came flooding in. We are thankful that Jason saw Amanda’s potential. Amanda has earned a full-tuition scholarship, half academic and half athletic, and we know she has worked hard all these years to develop her skills to make this possible, but without you, Jason, this wouldn’t have become a reality.”

Amy & Duane Witzlib, parents of Amanda

Softball, Germantown H.S., Gannon University

“Since enrolling in ScoutU I had gotten a ton of contacts from many coaches. Joe Casady and ScoutU helped me in recruiting a ton. Before I enrolled with ScoutU, I only had talked to one coach and with the help of Joe, I was able to get my name out there and got contacted by many coaches. I am so thankful for everything Joe and ScoutU have done for me as I had no idea if I was going to have an opportunity like this prior to Joe helping me through this process!”
Adam Denniston

Baseball, Ottumwa H.S., St. Norbert (WI) College

“I had talks with numerous coaches about the possibility of playing for them. ScoutU help me tremendously. I got emails and texts from so many colleges all over the U.S., and it gave me the opportunity to look at colleges I have never heard about. ScoutU and their staff changed my recruiting process around tremendously. I went from getting two colleges looking at me to dozens. It also gave me the opportunity to branch out and explore to colleges that have had amazing programs academically and athletically.”
Paige Kislow

Softball, D.C. Everest H.S., Lakeland University (WI)

“Linda promoted me on social media, helped my interactions with coaches, explained the basics of recruiting and created my ScoutU profile, which was very helpful with me being busy. She also was helpful in reminding me to go out and play the way I know how to, so colleges will see what I can do.”
Aliyah Robran

Basketball, Rockford H.S., University of Jamestown

“We would like to thank Jason and ScoutU for all you did for Jayda,” her mother Angela said. “The number of colleges that reached out to Jayda from around the nation would not have happened without the assistance from you.”
Parents of Jayda Nelson

Softball, Kimberly H.S., Milwaukee School of Engineering

“”Without ScoutU and Jason Lauren, Chloey would not have been seen by nearly as many college coaches. Although there are many college coaches at AAU tournaments, there are so many players and games. The AAU tournaments provide the opportunity for coaches to observe, but if they don’t know about the player and connect ahead of time, there is a much smaller chance of being seen. The ScoutU exposures allowed Chloey to connect with coaches and schools that had the programs she was most interested in.”
Lisa Bynum, mom of Chloey

Basketball, Green Bay Southwest H.S., Milwaukee Area Tech College

“Jason and ScoutU were a great asset in not only helping navigate the challenging scenarios in the recruiting process, but connecting us in a meaningful way with schools we would never have thought.”
Jon Arendt, dad of Gabriella

Softball, West De Pere H.S., Concordia University-St. Paul

“Thank you to ScoutU and Jason for your help and knowledge with the recruitment process. Although Jordyn committed shortly after signing up with ScoutU, it was awesome to see how many college coaches reached out via phone call, text or email after just one email going out!! It was very helpful to do the call with Jason as well as we learned a lot about the process! Thank you ScoutU!”
Cindy Schmittdiel, mom of Jordyn

Basketball, White Bear Lake H.S., Northern Michigan University

“Scott was phenomenal! He walked my family and I through everything. My aunt contacted him this fall, knowing we were way behind in the recruiting process. Scott was quick to get coaches in contact with us and was great about listening to what was important to us. I know that I would not be going to Carolina without him! He has been a huge instrument in making my dreams come true!!”

Jessica Houston

Softball, Central Christian H.S., Carolina University

“Linda was great to work with. She gave advice to our daughter when she came to tournaments and promoted Page often. Linda is very friendly and knowledgeable about the recruiting process and the game of basketball. I want to thank her for being there to help our daughter along the way.”

Tawnya Weseman, mom of Page Erickson

Basketball, Central H.S., Loras College

“Scott Woodcock has done an amazing job in getting me recruited. He has been with me since the beginning of my recruiting process, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend those times with anyone else. Scott is such a well-known recruiter, that most colleges actually respect what he has to say about his recruits, and they listen! It’s unbelievable how much he and ScoutU have done for me, and I couldn’t feel more blessed!”

Madison Spell

Softball, Collins Hill H.S., George Washington University

“As soon as Jason started helping us, in spite of all our efforts and Kaylor’s experience and ability, we would never had as many options for scholarships open to us. We HIGHLY recommend Jason and the services he provides.”

Michele & Dean Steger, parents of Kaylor Steger

Golf, Oak Creek H.S., University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Once I enrolled in ScoutU, I received so many calls from college coaches, and it launched my entire recruiting process for me. I believe I received six other offers to play at other colleges. Before I joined ScoutU and started working with Jason, I felt very behind in the recruiting process. I thought I had started way too late but Jason made it very clear to me that it is never too late. ScoutU gave me the opportunity to share with coaches everything I have to offer and made it really easy for me to get in contact with coaches.”

Abbie Stigler

Softball, University School of Milwaukee, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Dylan: “I have been contacted by more colleges than I can count. Since using ScoutU, I have had a variety of coaches texting, calling and emailing me. Jason and ScoutU really put my name out there and exposed me to college coaches. Before ScoutU, I wasn’t anticipating playing college baseball, but now I am able to live out that dream at a fantastic school that checks a lot of other boxes for me.”

Stephen Hunt, Dylan’s dad: “Prior to working with Jason from ScoutU, we struggled with how and who to contact from the colleges. Jason helped us maneuver through the process so that Dylan was able to do a handful of visits and talk to dozens of coaches. The broad spectrum of opportunities allowed him to pick what Dylan feels is the best fit for him.”

Dylan Hunt

Baseball, Marquette University H.S., Lawrence University

Lauren: “With your help between making the website, video, and sending emails, I was able to gain a lot of exposure from many different colleges that I wouldn’t have known about. Trine was a school that I didn’t know anything about, but thanks to your contacts, the coaches noticed me and came out to my games.”

Eva Clausen, Lauren’s mom: “We were fortunate enough to meet Jason at a summer tournament. Prior to that, we had no knowledge of ScoutU or the college recruiting process. Upon meeting with Jason, we found him extremely knowledgeable, experienced and honest. We were very comfortable, as he walked us through the process. Throughout the year, ScoutU delivered on their promise of providing overall exposure for Lauren. Because of this exposure, Lauren was discovered by the university she is excited to attend in the fall of 2020 to continue her education and play the game she loves. Thank you Jason and ScoutU.”

Lauren Clausen

Softball, Elk Grove H.S., Trine University

“I was contacted by approximately 30 coaches via email and had about 15 phone calls or zoom meetings (after enrolling with ScoutU). ScoutU opened doors that I wouldn’t have known were available to me otherwise. Chad was a great asset when it came to the tough questions and the details.”

Casey Miller

Volleyball, Hartford Union H.S., Aurora University

“I have been working with Jason since the fall of my sophomore year. We thought maybe we were starting too early, but since many coaches couldn’t recruit in-person last summer, it was really helpful to get exposure through ScoutU. ScoutU gets coaches interested enough to come to your games, see you play live or ask for video. I visited about 10 campuses, and I didn’t realize many of these schools existed before being contacted through ScoutU. Even though I ended up choosing a school less than an hour from my house, I feel good about that decision after having the opportunity to see so many different campuses. Lesson learned – you never know what is going to happen, so get on coaches’ radar as early as possible.”

Mia Johnson

Softball, South Milwaukee H.S., University of Wisconsin-Parkside

“ScoutU and Jason helped take the stress out of contacting coaches with the exposure emails. Made it a very easy process to reach a large number of coaches. The exposure video was also helpful. We appreciate Jason and ScoutU’s help through the recruiting process.”

Dan Kelly, dad of Molly

Softball, Hortonville H.S., Wisconsin Lutheran College

“When I signed up with (ScoutU’s) Scott (Woodcock), he helped me find colleges that fit my goal to play softball at the next level in the Southeast. Since he’s also from Chattanooga, he has developed a relationship with the coaches, and he helped me communicate with them and attend the fall camp there. He has been instrumental in being the go-between with myself and the coaches at UTC.”

Abby Orr

Softball, North Platte H.S., University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

“Jason, just wanted to thank you in helping Andrew find a home and continue his passion to play baseball. When we met in October we didn’t have a clear path or the experience on how to make that happen for him and you definitely provided that guidance. He is very excited and thanks again for being a huge part of making that happen.”

Brian Leair, dad of Andrew

Baseball, Muskego H.S., University of Wisconsin-Parkside

“I got offers from four other Division III programs. Jason and ScoutU gave me the opportunity to be contacted by so many schools I never would have known about otherwise. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play softball and further my academic career at Edgewood!”

Natalie Fields

Softball, Oak Creek H.S., Edgewood College

“If it wasn’t for ScoutU, I wouldn’t be recruited. Especially with all of the restrictions right now with my class, it was very helpful. Scott (Woodcock) put my name out to so many amazing coaches. He guided me through the whole process, held me accountable and made sure I was doing my job all the time. This made the process go as smooth as possible, which I am so thankful for now.”

Maggie Helms
Softball, Lincoln Southeast H.S., University of Maine

Sue Henning: “Having ScoutU being a part of this journey has been a blessing. Amazing what happens when you put in the work and have a recruiting team listening ot your goals in life and finding the perfect fit.”

Reganne: “After joining ScoutU, I had phone calls with four colleges. Before that, I had only talked to one college on the phone. Scott Woodcock and ScoutU impacted my recruiting tremendously. I had no idea where to look for colleges I was interested in and would be a good fit for me. Scott helped me with that, and found colleges that fit what I was looking for. He helped set me up for success, and for that I am very thankful.”

Reganne Henning
Softball, Beatrice H.S., University Northwestern-St. Paul (MN)

Stacy Schweitzer, Cassie’s mom: “You gave her choices instead of just options. She found her perfect fit, both academically and athletically, at Northern Michigan University. The initial investment with you is small in comparison to what she has received in return!”

Cassie: “I want to take a moment and thank you for everything that you have done for me. Without you, NMU would have NEVER heard of me, and I would have never shown an interest in them. Thank you so much again for everything. Without you, I would not be in the spot where I am now.”

Cassie Schweitzer

Basketball, Kiel H.S., Northern Michigan University

“A big Thank You to Jason Lauren, ScoutU College Recruiting, for all your help with the whole process of recruiting. Jason took the time to come and watch McKenzie play, he kept in constant contact with her though out the whole year. Jason was always willing to help Kenzie, sending out helpful quarterly tips and sending emails to all the colleges that Kenzie was interested in whenever we were playing tournaments. For sure your kid has to do a lot of work to get recognized, but Jason definitely helped!!!”

Carla Lamos, mom of McKenzie

Softball, Indian Trail H.S., University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Thank you for all your hard work! With your help, I believe Connor had over 40 recruiting offers, or more. He was able to have several different options when choosing his career path. You helped to expose him as a baseball player and student, which really opened doors for him. Whenever I asked for your help in sending out information for camps, to colleges or to coaches, you were always right on it. I was also impressed how you would make it a point to talk to college coaches and send direct info to them prior to our camp/or campus visits. Connor will be going to a great junior college, Madison, which he is looking forward to attending. We also look forward to our continuing work together in getting Connor on to the next level in his college career. You have been the upmost pleasure to work with.”

The Fedders, Connor Fedder

Baseball, Union Grove H.S., Madison College

“I received six offers to play softball, and I have had a huge amount of colleges that have emailed me. Jason was able to get me to the college I really wanted to go to. He recommended that I go to a showcase, and that’s where Coach (Chris) Helixon from La Crosse saw me. Jason and the organization of ScoutU were able to help me play softball in college. They made the recruitment process non-stressful, and they made it a great experience.”

Hailey Jibben

Softball, Oak Creek H.S., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“The exposure she received from ScoutU through email and her website stood out to us right away. Jason always followed up after tournaments and was very helpful in anything we needed. ScoutU made it easy on our end to request national or regional email blasts for tournaments. This information was helpful for us to pursue colleges that showed interest.”

Parents of Kaylie Scanlon

Softball, Delano H.S., Winona State University

“Scott helped get in contact with colleges and schools that I was interested in and also introduced me to schools that I had not thought about. Scott has so many connections and ScoutU has such an excellent reputation that he was able to introduce me to colleges and give them an honest opinion on what kind of player I am.”

Sami Cook

Softball, Jeffersontown (Ky.) H.S., Indiana University Southeast

“I always knew I wanted to play college ball, and I’m so thankful to receive this opportunity to keep playing! Ever since enrolling with ScoutU, I’ve had almost a hundred different schools from several different states reach out!”

Maddy Pieper

Softball, Bloomington Jefferson (Minn.) H.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“Scott Woodcock and ScoutU helped get my name out there to colleges who needed my positions. He got them to contact me and helped get game footage and video out there for colleges to see. Scott was a big help in getting me recruited. He did the best he could for how late I was in the recruiting process.”

Rylie Giddens

Softball, Blue Valley H.S., University of Texas-San Antonio

“Celia and I want to thank you for your help in getting Clare this opportunity to play volleyball at the next level. Your assistance in marketing Clare’s talent and character were an important part of the process. We also appreciated you coming out on several occasions to watch Clare play. That showed a real and sincere commitment and was greatly appreciated by all of us. Just like with Clare, your assistance with Cal was also very important. His college golf and academic experience has been outstanding. There is no question that given the late start in Cal’s recruiting process, he could not have been marketed so quickly and even had a chance to play without your program. There is absolutely no way we could have reached so many schools and coaches within such a short window. We never even knew about Bentley University, but even though he received interest from all three college divisions, his choice of Bentley has proven to be a great fit for Cal’s career interests as it is one of the best accounting/business undergraduate schools in the country. Thanks again for all your help.”

Maurice & Celia Meyers, parents of Clare & Cal

Volleyball, Slinger H.S.; Clare: Brandeis University; Cal: Bentley University

“It was clear that UW-River Falls was the best fit for me athletically and academically,” she said. “In addition to those six offers, I was in contact with many more coaches from around the Midwest and as far as Pennsylvania – too many to count!”

Maddie Koch

Softball, Hortonville H.S., University of Wisconsin-River Falls

“Going into the recruiting process, we knew very little on what it was like and how to effectively get the best results out of the process. During the first meeting we became comfortable with how Jason thought and the knowledge he had about the recruiting process. Throughout the process he set us up with tools for success. He was a great person to lean on for guidance and information at all times. He was instrumental in helping Alyssa go to a school she wants to study at and play softball at as well.
We are very thankful for Jason, and everything he has done for our family.”

Tracy Muench, mom of Alyssa

Softball, Campbellsport H.S., Saginaw Valley State University

“ScoutU and Jon Feyen were helpful for me to gain confidence in my recruiting process. They gave me exposure to college golf programs I would not have had otherwise. Jon was very supportive and always ready to answer any questions I had. Thanks for everything you did to help!”

Elise Hoven

Golf, Cedarburg H.S., North Dakota State University

“Jason has done a great job with getting me exposure from colleges that matched what I was looking for in a school. He helped me discern what camps and showcases are best for me as well as supported me both virtually and in person throughout my softball season. He was prompt with everything and gave me the confidence I needed to really pursue playing softball in college! I cannot thank him enough!”

“ScoutU and Jason Lauren helped me to gain the confidence I needed to devote my efforts toward my goal of committing to play college ball. Jason has taught me about the specifics of the recruiting process and gave timely advice, making it easier for me to feel confident in the steps I was taking to market myself and connect with college coaches. Furthermore, he encouraged a broader exposure to schools that I never considered before, broadening my horizon and appreciation for many NAIA and NCAA schools and softball programs throughout the Midwest.”

Maddie Votsis

Softball, Greendale H.S., Wisconsin Lutheran College

“The biggest impact was ScoutU’s ability to reach out to hundreds of coaches and universities across the country, which is a huge savings of time for a busy student-athlete. I received hundreds of phone calls from colleges. I received multiple (50-plus) track and field opportunities along with soccer opportunities at all levels of Division 1, 2 and 3. I also received several offers (15-plus) for Division 3 basketball.”

Devon Davey

Track & field (also basketball and soccer), Elkhorn Area H.S., Columbia (NY) University

“Jason offered advice and opened many doors for Delaney. One thing that made this journey easy was Jason was only a phone call away if we had any questions regarding the recruiting process. He checked in with us frequently to see where we were in her journey and how he could help.”

Parents of Delaney Granger

Softball, Manitowoc Lincoln H.S., Dakota State

“With Scott’s help and support, I made relationships with a lot of programs and had these coaches at our exposures consistently. I am thankful to have had Scott Woodcock and ScoutU to help me find my way and, without a doubt, the perfect school and program for me. Proud to be a Bryan Lion!”

Gracie Tuner

Softball, Sequatchie County H.S., Bryan College

“Jason Lauren was always there for me if I ever had any questions. It felt really nice that I had an extra hand helping me achieve my dream. Thanks to ScoutU, I was able to connect with three colleges on a very high level and it led me to making my decision to continue softball at Marian. I wouldn’t have been able to connect as fast as I did with Coach Draves without the help of Jason Lauren and ScoutU.”

Katelyn Matenaer

Softball, West Bend East H.S., Marian University (WI)

“Jon Feyen was able to put together a really nice website complete with swing video that was sent to all of the colleges that met our desired criteria, along with an email personalized to those coaches. He was also available for any and all questions and helped guide us through the process.”

Jeremy Lupinek, dad of Lauren

Golf, Oconomowoc H.S., Western Michigan University

“Jason helped connect me with many different coaches and colleges. He helped me create a video and profile, so I could send it to colleges and get my name out there. Thank you, Jason.”

Gavin Roanhouse

Football, Waterford H.S., Southwest Minnesota State University

“Scott Woodcock encouraged me to venture out and speak openly to more coaches. He motivated me to go to camps and pushed me to record videos, post on social media, and interact more. Scott helped expose me to schools that I wouldn’t have known about. Also, he spoke on my behalf to coaches who did not speak directly to me.”

Eryn Lee

Softball, Cass H.S., Reinhardt University (GA)

Reggie: “Hey Jason, I just wanted to thank you for all you did to get me where I am. You put in an extra effort to get me another scholarship when you really didn’t have to, and I really can’t thank you enough. I wouldn’t have any of the looks I got if it wasn’t for you man. Anything I can do to ever assist you, feel free to contact me. Thanks again.”

Lori Dillingham, Reggie’s mom: “Reggie signed with the University of Charleston, WV. Reggie will receive a full scholarship, split between academics and football. The academics are sound and their business program matches the desires that Reggie has for his college studies. Reggie has an amazing opportunity ahead of him, and I am so proud and grateful. In the final analysis, I am happy that I engaged your firm. Because we were successful in the recruitment process, I have received my return on investment. You were kind and not overbearing with your approach to the sales of your busines. I believe that you take your buisness serious, and I felt compelled to give you the feedback. In the final analysis, the end justified the means!”

Reggie Dillingham

Football, Nicolet H.S., University of Charleston & Michigan Tech University

“Scott and ScoutU were a great help. He got coaches to come and watch me when I was playing. He was able to contact the school that I wanted to go to. It was good to have someone on your side advocating for you who the coaches trusted. Scott really took my criteria and worked to find schools that fit. I’m grateful that I had Scott to fight for me and get me noticed, so thank you!”

Carissa Frost

Softball, Walker Valley H.S., Lee (TN) University

“I was extremely honored and humbled with the amount of choices I had. Pretty much all my opportunities outside of New England came in the past year, which I believe is directly related to my ScoutU relationship. When I first talked to (ScoutU Scout) Scott Woodcock, my goal was to not close the door on getting better D1 offers.“But the more time went on, the less important that became, because I had a good base of schools to choose from. Scott was able to give me some southern schools to choose from, which was nice, because when I was younger my goals were to play down south. It was nice to have those choices and conversations about the pros and cons of going to school far from home.

“Deep inside I knew UMass Dartmouth was the place for me. Scott was certainly helpful with his advice on so many other things. He told me what to put in and leave out of my recruiting video and emails. He also helped me prepare for my visits, and he’d always text us to see how things were going. I do truly appreciate his help.”

Dyonna Rodas

Softball, Pilgrim H.S., University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

“Scott Woodcock really helped me make connections with schools that I would have never known about. He also helped coaches find me that would not have found me if it weren’t for ScoutU. Thank you so much for all of the help!”

Amber Corley

Softball, LaGrange Academy H.S., Agnes Scott College

Wendy Lambrigtsen, Sam’s mom: “The recruiting process is definitely not easy. There is so much to do and so much to learn along the way. We very much appreciate your help navigating through it all. I knew I could call or email you any time to clarify recruiting rules, discuss/interpret specific college communications and determine the best path to follow. Your suggestions for the content of Sam’s website, including updates of her highlight videos, was invaluable! Although the road is long and there are many twists and turns, having someone that knows the business on your side definitely helps you cross the finish line.”

Sam: “Thanks for the HUGE help lately! I am getting a bunch of emails, calls and texts. Hard to keep up with honestly! But there are a few DII’s in there and a couple DI’s. I will get my top list to you in the next few days, so you can see how things are going.”

Sam Lambrigtsen

Basketball, Oregon (IL) H.S., Loyola University-Chicago

“Jason and ScoutU opened doors for me that I couldn’t have done by myself. He cared about what I wanted and we targeted our search based on my wishes. He taught me things I did not know about the recruiting process and guided me around potential obstacles. I would recommend Jason and ScoutU to anyone looking to play any level in college.”

Cooper Smith

Baseball, Academy of Holy Angels H.S., Gustavus Adolphus College

“Scott spent a lot of time with me regarding recruiting. Phone calls, texts, emails, etc. He would drive out of his way to come watch me play and talk with coaches for me.”

Alyssa Braley

Softball, Alexander H.S., Columbus State University

“A huge credit goes out to Scott and ScoutU as without Scott, I believe I would be playing at another college, but I would not be as happy as I am that I am going to Oklahoma Panhandle State University. He knew exactly what my career path was and contacted coaches to fit my education needs as well as finding the perfect coach and team that I am really looking forward to playing with.”

Faith McKenzie

Softball, La Feria H.S., Oklahoma Panhandle State University

“I wanted to make sure you knew how important you were in helping me find a school! We found out about High Point only because of you and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put in promoting me. It does not go unnoticed! Thanks again, and it has been a pleasure working with you.”

CeAanna Soper

Track & Field, Arrowhead H.S., High Point Universtiy

“Since I enrolled with ScoutU, I had four colleges call me. Scott (Woodcock) and ScoutU helped my recruiting by getting me out to colleges more and helping find the right fit for me.”

Leigha James

Softball, Spalding H.S., Carolina Universtiy

“I received a lot of emails and offers, one being a post grad school in Arizona, which was intriguing to me, but I decided on Viterbo.
Jason helped me get my name and profile out to other colleges that I would not have been able to do on my own and gave me great exposure.”

Tyler Torkelson

Baseball, Tomah H.S., Viterbo Universtiy

“Scott helped me in so many ways. When he saw that I would start to get lazier, he’d check up on me and make sure I was getting my stuff together. ScoutU helped open my options a lot and get me the exposure that I really needed.”

Laney Armistead

Softball, Trinity Christian H.S., Truett McConnell University

“Just a quick note to thank you for helping to promote his abilities. We appreciate your confidence in him through thick and thin. You were supportive when he had his injury and throughout his rehab. I appreciated your quick response when I would email you any questions or concerns that we encountered over the years. Your knowledge of all the ins and outs of the recruiting process were very helpful and greatly appreciated. Justin found the right school for him, and we appreciate the exposure. Keep up the good work.”

Diana Scoville, mom of Justin

Baseball, Freedom H.S., Midland University

“I had serious phone conversations with a dozen or more coaches, and I emailed with many more. ScoutU was helpful by putting my profile in front of many coaches and sharing with them my stats, talents and ability to contribute to a team.”

Alec Schmitz

Baseball, Sun Prairie H.S., Saint Peter's University (NJ)

“Jason is not a salesman. He presents the information and if you think it can help you, he works with you. End of story. We tried to do this ourselves but the followup required and the repeated updates and mailings, etc., are impossible to keep up with for the average person. If I had to do it all over, I would definitely use this service and NOT try to do it myself. Brittany got many full scholarship offers through this service. Coaches would email and literally say, ‘I’m looking for a SS, and I can provide a full ride.'”

Scott Rader, dad of Brittany

Softball, New Berlin Eisenhower H.S., Cardinal Stritch University

“We want to thank you for the terrific assistance you gave our daughter, Annie, and us as a family. Your timely reminders and the way the website is organized to allow the athlete to put their best foot forward is incredibly helpful. The steps in building Annie’s online presence and beginning to field emails from coaches on a regular basis opened up new communication for her with a wide variety of schools and regions of the country. We could never have done this without you. The number of times we had simple questions or needed fast information, the ability to get in touch with you was reassuring and extremely appreciated. Even we thought we knew what to do, your professional assistance as quick and thorough. We hope you use our letter as a referral and know that we remained pleased and grateful for your quality materials and personal commitment to your work with our loved ones. Having navigated the NCAA process with your help, you can be assured of our recommendation of you.”

Tom & Patricia Flanagan, parents of Annie

Soccer, Racine Case H.S., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

“Scott Woodcock really helped me make connections with schools that I would have never known about. He also helped coaches find me that would not have found me if it weren’t for ScoutU. Thank you so much for all of the help!”

Amber Corley

Softball, Lagrange Academy, Agnes Scott College (GA)

“Jason came to watch me perform multiple times and always had answers to any questions or concerns I had during the process. Thank you Jason for your support and help through my recruiting process.”

Morgan Sivak

Softball, Oconomowoc H.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“Jason has helped my son, Kyle, and I on his college baseball search more than we could’ve expected. Jason guided us through every step and continues to answer our questions. It is a professional organization. Jason directly contributed to us finding the right fit for Kyle’s next stage in his baseball career. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you!”

Cheryl Waller, mom of Kyle

Baseball, Oshkosh North H.S., College of Lake County

“ScoutU, along with recruiting advisor Jason Lauren, helped me get my name out to hundreds of college coaches, allowing me to evaluate and decide a college that best fit me.”

“I was at a showcase in Milwaukee when ScoutU first found out about me and at this point, I wasn’t fully aware of how the recruiting process really happened. A few weeks after the tournament I had a phone call with Jason Lauren who explained to me about what the recruiting process entailed. He helped me get my name to coaches and allowed me to relax and focus on just playing baseball. ScoutU, along with the help of Jason, has been extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend ScoutU to anyone interested in playing collegiate baseball!”

Isaiah Katz,

Baseball, Fall Creek H.S., St. Cloud State University

This experience has been so awesome. With your help, finding the perfect college for me and continuing to play my favorite sport became possible. I can’t thank you enough for all the help and advice you have given me and my family the past few months.”

Megan Williams

Volleyball, Muskego H.S., Kalamazoo College

“God blessed me to receive 16 offers to play at their college, including 10 Division I. I feel very honored to receive such interest. Scott Woodcock impacted my recruiting by being straight up and honest with me. His knowledge of the industry and guidance helped me in the process as well.”

Rachel Wells

Softball, Melissa H.S., Delaware State University

“Honestly, a year ago I never thought that I would have the opportunity to play in college. But now that I know I will be able to, I truly feel blessed and anxious to play. Scott impacted my recruiting process by never giving up on me. Even if I didn’t fully seem interested in FNU at first, he always kept asking me how it was going. I can never thank him enough for that, because he found me a home.”

Danika Lagodzinski

Softball, Southwest Florida Christian Academy, Florida National University

“Thanks for your help in this process. You have made this challenging experience and decision-making process much easier. We are grateful for all of your support! Thanks again!”

Amy Brantley, mom of Morgan

Softball, Germantown H.S., University of Dubuque

Sue Kilby, Maddie’s mom: “Thanks for all your help with Maddie’s recruiting. She had a lot of choices, but UST was the best fit academically and she will be playing on a very competitive program. If you ever need a reference, I am happy to assist or if another athlete would like to speak to Maddie, she is more than happy to assist.”

Maddie: “Yes, I have officially committed to the University of St. Thomas. St. Thomas has an extremely good softball program and pre-med program, so it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for everything!”

Maddie Kilby

Softball, St. Joseph Catholic Academy H.S., University of St. Thomas

“We are so thankful you contacted us about assisting with scholarships for Noah. After talking with you, we realized we needed your assistance, especially since Noah got a late start in his recruiting career. Even though UW-Milwaukee took an interest in him before you contacted us, they came forward with the full-tuition offer immediately after you sent out his profile. It was a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate that you came to Noah’s official signing.”

The Tagliapietras, Noah Tagliapietra

Track & Field, Fond du Lac H.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Thank you very much for all your help in my recruiting process. I appreciate all the time you spent in preparing me for all phone calls, emails and tours with all my potential coaches. Thank you for your quick responses for all my questions I had along the way!”

Rachel Murphy

Volleyball, Menomonee Falls H.S., University of New Mexico

“Scott really helped me and put me out there and was always trying to get me seen and to make me better. He was great to be able to work with, because he got to know who you truly were and what was best for you and always told you the truth . He didn’t only help me with softball, but if I needed something, he was always there and would have my back!”

Keelie Mauk

Softball, Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe H.S., Montreat College

“Jason Lauren and ScoutU opened my eyes up to new opportunities in other states. I was glad that I had all these college coaches contacting me for softball. It gave me a new perspective that there are other states than cold, northern Minnesota. I thank Jason and ScoutU for all the help they have given me.”

Abbie Crawford

Softball, Cook County H.S., College of St. Scholastica

“Before meeting with Jason, I was worried that my family and I would have to juggle everything ourselves. It took a huge weight off my shoulders. It put me out there for many colleges to see and in return, I was contacted by some that I wouldn’t even expect to have contacted me. It really opened up options as to the places I could go for college. Jason kept in touch and made sure I was on top of things. It’s been a pleasure working with Jason, because without him, my family and I probably wouldn’t have known what to do.”

Taylor Hanus

Softball, Freedom H.S., Concordia University-Wisconsin

“Jason handled himself very professionally. Jason was very responsive, had a genuine interest in Ryan, and took initiative on his own to do some updating on Ryan’s profile when things were very busy for us. He stayed in contact with us to make sure things were moving forward, but did not push himself on us. Overall, it was a positive experience for our family.”

Tom Taugher, dad of Ryan

Basketball, Catholic Memorial H.S., Lakeland College

“The number of connections we received after the two rounds of email blasts was incredible. Thank you for noticing Ryen and promoting him and guiding us through the process. I know we came into the recruiting process late, but this outcome wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Kelly Ryba, mom of Ryen

Baseball, Homestead H.S., Minnesota State University-Mankato

“With Jason’s help, we were able to maximize​ Michael’s offers. Jason gave good advice throughout the entire process. The whole recruiting process went well, and it was amazing how many colleges contacted Michael. Thank you Jason for your help!”

Paul Sippy, dad of Michael

Track & Field, Oak Creek H.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“With ScoutU, I received a lot more attention from schools I didn’t know existed most of the time. ScoutU really broadened my options, gave me more options and really helped me understand the recruiting process to another level!”

Ashley Fauske

Softball, Kaukauna H.S., Northern State University

“Scott really pushed me to stay in contact with coaches and stay persistent with emails and text messages. He also got me connected to a lot of coaches I most likely wouldn’t have been connected with without Scott. Examples, like Maine, that probably wouldn’t have happened without him.”

Kyrah Dailey

Softball, Lincoln North Star H.S., University of Maine

“Jason helped a lot in my recruiting. He put my name out on the recruiting circuit and made regular checkups on my progress. Thanks Jason for the help!”

Jackson Pothast

Baseball, Sheboygan North H.S., Indiana State University

“Thank you so much for your help, Jason. Couldn’t have done it without you. I am so blessed to have committed to a college of my dreams with your help! It was a pleasure working with you. Again, thank you so much.”

Randi Groff

Softball, Martin Luther H.S., Kansas Wesleyan University

“Thanks to you I’m committed to play volleyball at my dream college!! Thank you for everything!!! It is totally worth the time you put in for the results you get out!”

Mady Cardinal

Volleyball, Clayton H.S., Indiana Institute of Technology

“I have been very pleased with the outcome and response from colleges. I have received numerous contacts regarding interest in my daughter playing basketball, from a number of different colleges, DI through JUCO, most notably Yale University. It’s put us on the fast track regarding choices and opportunity. The way I looked at it was this will be part of my investment in her college education and in comparison to the total cost of college today, if this can help with the possiblity of financing college, it was an investment I had to make.”

Derrick Stingley, dad of Chelsea

Basketball, Brown Deer H.S., Ashford University

“The coach saw her at the Monona showcase, which you recommended, and then contacted her through your profile of her, so we really appreciate it. We visited several colleges and coaches so she could really get a feel for what she was looking for. Thanks for all your help.”

Ann Krueger, mom of Kira

Softball, Mayville H.S., Hamline University

“Without Jason’s help, I would not have been able to find the perfect college fit. He was able to help me go through the recruiting process and look for the right qualities in a school and find the right school for me, both academically and athletically. Thanks so much for your help Jason!”

Sam Fonder

Baseball, Green Bay East H.S., Gustavus Adolphus College

“We just got back from Jackson, Mississippi and are excited that Kevin has decided to attend Jackson State University. Kevin plans to study business management and play golf on their Division I golf team coached by Eddie Payton, brother of the late Walter Payton. This is an outstanding opportunity for Kevin to grow in all areas of his life. We appreciate your support and encouragement along the way. Thanks for sharing our joy!.”

Jim & Linda Coakley, parents of Kevin

Golf, Brookfield Central H.S., Jackson State University

“Jake has committed to Lake Forest College in IL. They are a private D3 schools with an excellent physics program. They finished 2nd last season in their conference and won their conference the previous year. We are very proud of Jake. He really took his time finding the right ‘fit’ for him. He had so many schools to choose from. Thanks for your help!”

Sallie Burkard, mom of Jake

Football, Whitnall H.S., Lake Forest College

“ScoutU and Jason Lauren did a great job with the player profile and editing the video highlights. Coaches had a lot of compliments about the videos. Jason was always available and quick to respond to texts whenever we had questions. College recruiting is overwhelming and Jason’s guidance throughout this process was helpful.”

Brad Howard, dad of Brooke

Softball, Rock Falls H.S., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“We wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the service we received from you. We certainly got the attention and the program went the way you said it would. We certainly feel that Courtney would not of gotten a scholarship without it. There are many opportunities available and you made them connect with us.”

The Hafermans, Courtney Haferman

Volleyball, Fort Atkinson H.S., Judson University

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your help in getting Caitlin noticed at the exposure camp she attended recently. There were over 100 girls at this camp and it was hard to get coaches’ attention. Your proactive help in the form of sending her information in advance for all the college coaches definitely got their attention. Your personal appearance the day of the camp gave that extra reminder to the coaches that she was there as you talked to many of them in person. Your efforts and expertise have made a huge difference in our college search. Our softball player is getting noticed. I rest a little easier, knowing you are there every step of the way. Thank you.”

Diane Stredde, mom of Caitlin

Softball, South Elgin (IL) H.S., McKendree University

“I thought Lewis had the best opportunity tennis wise as well as academically. I want to thank you for all your help and appreciate everything you did. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. I can’t thank you anymore for all the help you did in helping me get recruited. I am so excited and can’t wait to get there. Thanks again.”

Jesse Hardacre

Tennis, Racine St. Catherine's H.S., Lewis University

“Connor is signing his NLI on Monday at AHS He will be attending Morehead State University in Kentucky. We are so excited for him and the coach really seems great and is excited to have Connor play for him. I think it will be a great fit! Thanks for all you did!”

Cindy Thiel, mom of Connor

Golf, Arrowhead H.S., Morehead State University

“Mary verbally committed to play at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL! As of today, NSU is currently the #2 D2 women’s program in the country. Thank you to you for helping NSU find Mary!”

Kim Hirt, mom of Mary

Basketball, Lake Country Lutheran H.S., Nova Southeastern University

“I want to thank you for all you’ve done for myself, and I did commit to the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. It is a larger, private DIII school that has had high success in the past few years. Currently is ranked #2 in the nation, and it seems like a great fit. I participated in a month-long camp up there, and it really paid off and we owe it to you.”

Ben Carpenter

Baseball, Wauwatosa East H.S., University of St. Thomas

“I am proud to announce that I have accepted an athletic scholarship at the Ohio Valley University in West Virginia and will be continuing my academic/softball career there. Could not have done this without the support of my dad and my awesome scout Jason Lauren.”

Lizzie Fleeson

Softball, Stevens Point H.S., Ohio Valley University

“Jason, as a guide, really helped me in the college recruiting process. Not only did it help me get my information out, but it also helped me with organization. I was new to the recruiting process, so I didn’t quite know the ropes. Jason helped by letting me know important dates and reminding me to keep updating my information in order to help college coaches interested in me. I give thanks to Jason for helping achieve my goals.”

Amanda Hunt

Basketball, Grafton H.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth

“Thanks so much for your help Jason. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Emma Dummer

Softball, Kenosha Tremper H.S., Minnesota State University-Moorhead

“I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me and my family starting last winter, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much.”

Dylan Stefanec

Football, South Milwaukee H.S., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Bryan: “Things have gone very well with me. After a lot of followups with the many different coaches and colleges, I have made my decision to attend Concordia University-Wisconsin. I appreciate ALL that you have done for me as Coach Cassidy was one of the very first coaches that sent me an email back in August. I know this will be a great fit for me. Thank you again for getting my name out there.”

Mom: “I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for an extremely beneficial experience for our son, Bryan. The exposure he received during his senior year playing basketball was absolutely astonishing, which you made possible. Our family would highly recommend you to any student-athlete looking for exposure. Once again, thank you for a great experience.”

Bryan Donaldson

Basketball, Whitnall H.S., Concordia University-Wisconsin

“I was offered a full-tuition scholarship from Black Hawk Community College in Illinois, and I verbally committed. I just wanted to thank you for helping them find me. It is greatly appreciated!”

Drea Luedtke

Softball, Kenosha Bradford H.S., Black Hawk Community College

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