Use this form to submit what footage you want on your video. Make sure to be clear on what the file name of the video is and what time markers you want.


  • Please send in ALL video files first and then fill out this form ASAP after. Submit all the videos and this form on the same day to avoid any confusion.
  • Videos should be 5 minutes or less, so there is a 40-clip maximum (about 5-8 seconds each) or 5 minutes of highlight footage allowed to be submitted.
  • Do NOT email or text video files (this downgrades the quality and sometimes the email won’t be received if the files are too big). Upload them to an online cloud service, like Google Drive or OneDrive, and email the shareable links for us to download the video(s) to
  • If you have a lot of video that is several gigabytes in file size, it’s best to mail the video on a flash drive/SD card, rather than uploading to a cloud service, which can literally take days for you to upload and a long time for us to download once we receive it. If you only have a few small files to send, then uploading to a cloud service is OK.
  • YouTube and HUDL Videos: Email the links to the video(s) to
  • Returning videos: With everyone having access to YouTube, HUDL, cloud-based storage and easy flash drive/SD card copy creation, it is very important that you know that ScoutU will not return video materials received for editing. So make sure that you keep copies of your originals before sending them to us.  If a need arises that requires originals for editing, we will be happy to return them to you, as long as we know prior to editing. If you would like your flash drive/SD card returned, please include a postage-paid, addressed envelope to quickly and easily return it to you.
  • Full-game videos: While we can capture or download short videos, or small sets of clips for editing, we cannot download entire games. It ties up valuable computer processing power and can take an exceptionally long time to complete the transfer. Full games need to be sent on a flash drive/SD card for editing (email for the address). This speeds up the entire process for everyone.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your video to be done.

For example:

Throws to 2nd: 2:11-2:19, 2:35-2:41, 3:21-3:40

You also can include any notes to help make clear what clips you want.