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We are more than just a do-it-yourself website that anyone can join. We take a personal approach to helping each athlete and their family. Each athlete has different athletic and academic goals and varying needs with recruiting. Read below on just a sampling of these experiences and how ScoutU scouts have helped their dreams become a reality.

Jacky Holloway

Softball, Waukesha West H.S., Saint Xavier University

“Having Jason help me with my recruiting process was really eye opening and helpful as someone who wasn’t really experienced with recruiting. I’d say that because of the amount of colleges I was able to reach in a short period of time because of Jason, it really helped me get noticed by multiple schools so I didn’t have ‘all my eggs in one basket.’ Not only did Jason help me find lots of schools, but he also made sure that they fit into what I wanted to major in, how far I was willing to travel, and many other things. Overall I would recommend ScoutU to anyone that was serious about becoming a student-athlete in college. Thank you so much Jason and ScoutU!!!”

Jacqueline Holloway

Softball, Waukesha West H.S., Saint Xavier University

“Scott helped get in contact with colleges and schools that I was interested in and also introduced me to schools that I had not thought about. Scott has so many connections and ScoutU has such an excellent reputation that he was able to introduce me to colleges and give them an honest opinion on what kind of player I am.”

Sami Cook

Softball, Jeffersontown (Ky.) H.S., Indiana University Southeast

“Scott Woodcock has done an amazing job in getting me recruited. He has been with me since the beginning of my recruiting process, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend those times with anyone else. Scott is such a well-known recruiter, that most colleges actually respect what he has to say about his recruits, and they listen! It’s unbelievable how much he and ScoutU have done for me, and I couldn’t feel more blessed!”

Madison Spell

Softball, Collins Hill H.S., George Washington University

“A big thank you to you for helping our daughter’s dream come true! Through the process, you were there for us every step of the way. You were careful to provide guidance without bias or emotion, so that the decisions were ours to make. I always appreciated your quick responses to my questions and accessibility through email, texting and Facebook. I am convinced that the email blast that was sent out when the video was done was what got the attention of coachs and emails came flooding in. We are thankful that Jason saw Amanda’s potential. Amanda has earned a full-tuition scholarship, half academic and half athletic, and we know she has worked hard all these years to develop her skills to make this possible, but without you, Jason, this wouldn’t have become a reality.”

Amy & Duane Witzlib, parents of Amanda

Softball, Germantown H.S., Gannon University

“A big Thank You to Jason Lauren, ScoutU College Recruiting, for all your help with the whole process of recruiting. Jason took the time to come and watch McKenzie play, he kept in constant contact with her though out the whole year. Jason was always willing to help Kenzie, sending out helpful quarterly tips and sending emails to all the colleges that Kenzie was interested in whenever we were playing tournaments. For sure your kid has to do a lot of work to get recognized, but Jason definitely helped!!!”

Carla Lamos, mom of McKenzie

Softball, Indian Trail H.S., University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Going into the recruiting process, we knew very little on what it was like and how to effectively get the best results out of the process. During the first meeting we became comfortable with how Jason thought and the knowledge he had about the recruiting process. Throughout the process he set us up with tools for success. He was a great person to lean on for guidance and information at all times. He was instrumental in helping Alyssa go to a school she wants to study at and play softball at as well.
We are very thankful for Jason, and everything he has done for our family.”

Tracy Muench, mom of Alyssa

Softball, Campbellsport H.S., Saginaw Valley State University

“Jason is not a salesman. He presents the information and if you think it can help you, he works with you. End of story. We tried to do this ourselves but the followup required and the repeated updates and mailings, etc., are impossible to keep up with for the average person. If I had to do it all over, I would definitely use this service and NOT try to do it myself. Brittany got many full scholarship offers through this service. Coaches would email and literally say, ‘I’m looking for a SS, and I can provide a full ride.'”

Scott Rader, dad of Brittany

Softball, New Berlin Eisenhower H.S., Cardinal Stritch University

“Jason came to watch me perform multiple times and always had answers to any questions or concerns I had during the process. Thank you Jason for your support and help through my recruiting process.”

Morgan Sivak

Softball, Oconomowoc H.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

“Thanks for your help in this process. You have made this challenging experience and decision-making process much easier. We are grateful for all of your support! Thanks again!”

Amy Brantley, mom of Morgan

Softball, Germantown H.S., University of Dubuque

Sue Kilby, Maddie’s mom: “Thanks for all your help with Maddie’s recruiting. She had a lot of choices, but UST was the best fit academically and she will be playing on a very competitive program. If you ever need a reference, I am happy to assist or if another athlete would like to speak to Maddie, she is more than happy to assist.”

Maddie: “Yes, I have officially committed to the University of St. Thomas. St. Thomas has an extremely good softball program and pre-med program, so it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for everything!”

Maddie Kilby

Softball, St. Joseph Catholic Academy H.S., University of St. Thomas

“Before meeting with Jason, I was worried that my family and I would have to juggle everything ourselves. It took a huge weight off my shoulders. It put me out there for many colleges to see and in return, I was contacted by some that I wouldn’t even expect to have contacted me. It really opened up options as to the places I could go for college. Jason kept in touch and made sure I was on top of things. It’s been a pleasure working with Jason, because without him, my family and I probably wouldn’t have known what to do.”

Taylor Hanus

Softball, Freedom H.S., Concordia University-Wisconsin

“Thank you so much for your help, Jason. Couldn’t have done it without you. I am so blessed to have committed to a college of my dreams with your help! It was a pleasure working with you. Again, thank you so much.”

Randi Groff

Softball, Martin Luther H.S., Kansas Wesleyan University

“The coach saw her at the Monona showcase, which you recommended, and then contacted her through your profile of her, so we really appreciate it. We visited several colleges and coaches so she could really get a feel for what she was looking for. Thanks for all your help.”

Ann Krueger, mom of Kira

Softball, Mayville H.S., Hamline University

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your help in getting Caitlin noticed at the exposure camp she attended recently. There were over 100 girls at this camp and it was hard to get coaches’ attention. Your proactive help in the form of sending her information in advance for all the college coaches definitely got their attention. Your personal appearance the day of the camp gave that extra reminder to the coaches that she was there as you talked to many of them in person. Your efforts and expertise have made a huge difference in our college search. Our softball player is getting noticed. I rest a little easier, knowing you are there every step of the way. Thank you.”

Diane Stredde, mom of Caitlin

Softball, South Elgin (IL) H.S., McKendree University

“I am proud to announce that I have accepted an athletic scholarship at the Ohio Valley University in West Virginia and will be continuing my academic/softball career there. Could not have done this without the support of my dad and my awesome scout Jason Lauren.”

Lizzie Fleeson

Softball, Stevens Point H.S., Ohio Valley University

“Thanks so much for your help Jason. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Emma Dummer

Softball, Kenosha Tremper H.S., Minnesota State University-Moorhead

“I was offered a full-tuition scholarship from Black Hawk Community College in Illinois, and I verbally committed. I just wanted to thank you for helping them find me. It is greatly appreciated!”

Drea Luedtke

Softball, Kenosha Bradford H.S., Black Hawk Community College

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