Want to play softball in college? Only 5.5% of high school softball players will get that distinguished opportunity. Do you think “if you’re good enough, the colleges will find you?” Think again. What are you doing to separate yourself from the thousands of other softball players vying to play in college? You only have one chance to be recruited! Click below to get a free evaluation to see if you have what it takes to play in college!


You’ve come to the right place to find great softball prospects! At ScoutU, our scouts personally qualify prospects to make sure they have the athletic and academic talent, character and drive to play in college. We scout players at events and have personal meetings with the athletes and their parents before we work with them. Browse our SOFTBALL PROSPECTS to see our latest prospect websites, most of which include video for you to evaluate, or fill out a COLLEGE COACH REQUEST (scroll to the bottom of that page) to let us know what your recruiting needs are or what specific ScoutU prospects you are interested in recruiting. When you send us your recruiting needs, we will ONLY send you ScoutU prospects that are a match for your school and NOT just a blind list of players, many of whom would not consider your school. We don’t want to waste your time and want to make your recruiting as efficient as possible!

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ScoutU Owner and Milwaukee (WI) Scout Jason Lauren gives recruiting seminars for events, teams and schools. Below is a highlight video of one of his seminars.


There are specific rules college coaches have to follow in regards to having recruiting contact with prospects. ScoutU breaks down when and how those contacts can occur in softball.


The NCAA has a yearly recruiting calendar for when and how colleges can possibly have contact and evaluate prospects.


When it comes to college recruiting, just knowing how the basics of how the process works can help you increase your chances of having a successful recruiting experience. ScoutU answers some of the common questions we hear on a consistent basis to help you succeed. Click “Learn More” below to see the answers to the following questions:

  • Will colleges find me if I’m good enough?
  • How early does the recruiting process start?
  • Am I being recruited?
  • Do college coaches actively recruit during their seasons?
  • How important are my academics to college coaches?
  • How many scholarships are offered in softball?
  • When is the National Letter of Intent signing period?

“Having Jason help me with my recruiting process was really eye opening and helpful as someone who wasn’t really experienced with recruiting. I’d say that because of the amount of colleges I was able to reach in a short period of time because of Jason, it really helped me get noticed by multiple schools so I didn’t have ‘all my eggs in one basket.’ Not only did Jason help me find lots of schools, but he also made sure that they fit into what I wanted to major in, how far I was willing to travel, and many other things. Overall I would recommend ScoutU to anyone that was serious about becoming a student-athlete in college. Thank you so much Jason and ScoutU!!!”

Jacqueline Holloway
Softball, Waukesha West H.S., Saint Xavier University

“ScoutU and Jason provided Sierra a competitive advantage in her recruiting journey. Not only was Jason always available and quick to reply with excellent advice, but the website, video, college contacts and emails provided Sierra so much opportunity that we simply would not have been able to accomplish independently. Sierra received several offers and was able to make the choice that provided the best scholarship, academic and athletic fit. I would highly recommend Jason and ScoutU. My only regret was that we did not start working with ScoutU sooner in this process! Thank you Jason for all your guidance and expertise through this recruitment process!”

Rebecca Mattano, mom of Sierra Thomas
Softball, Arrowhead H.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth

“Going into the recruiting process, we knew very little on what it was like and how to effectively get the best results out of the process. During the first meeting we became comfortable with how Jason thought and the knowledge he had about the recruiting process. Throughout the process he set us up with tools for success. He was a great person to lean on for guidance and information at all times. He was instrumental in helping Alyssa go to a school she wants to study at and play softball at as well.
We are very thankful for Jason, and everything he has done for our family.”

Tracy Muench, mom of Alyssa
Softball, Campbellsport H.S., Saginaw Valley State University