Email personal essay to in a Microsoft Word attachment or body of an email only.

Keep in mind that this is the message that goes to college coaches for your Exposure services, so spend some time thinking what you want colleges to know about you!

First paragraph (3 sentences)

  1. First and last name
  2. High school name and location (city, state)
  3. Graduation date
  4. Height & weight
  5. Position(s) play
  6. Academics: Cumulative GPA, ACT or SAT (if taken), desired college major (if know)
  7. Something about you that stands out (ask your ScoutU scout for help with this)

Second paragraph (3-5 sentences)

Something about you that you want the college coaches to know about you that you feel makes you unique and makes you stand out. Such as:

  1. What makes you a special athlete? Think of traits you have that most others don’t have.
  2. Work ethic: Discuss what you’re doing outside of your scheduled games/practices to improve and provide detail (how often working out, what doing for workouts, how long working out, when working out, etc.)
  3. Academic strengths: Taking AP/Honors course, quality of your school, awards/honors, etc.
  4. Misc. strengths (leadership, volunteer work, other extra curricular activities you’re involved in that can reflect on your character, etc.)

Closing sentence

Include thanking coach for reading your email/their time.

Other notes/tips

  1. Make sure one/both your parents read it before sending it to ScoutU.
  2. Do NOT send it in a PDF file, because then we would have to type it up.