If you haven’t already done so, register with the NCAA ( and NAIA ( eligibility centers. On the NCAA eligibility center, there are a few questions regarding scouting services. Here’s how to answer those questions:

  1. Have you paid anyone to market your abilities? Put “Yes” and list ScoutU and our phone number (414-303-7607).
  2. The types of services received: Public web site, video available to every coach, emails to coaches.
  3. Did you enter into an agreement for future representation? No.
  4. Contact email address:
  5. Individual relations: Advisor/family advisor
  6. Did you enter into a written agreement? Yes
  7. Did you pay for services? Yes

These questions are to make sure you don’t have an agent, which we are not. ScoutU follows all NCAA rules. So, don’t worry about answering these questions with these answers.

Also, on the NCAA eligibility center, it has two sections, one for Division I and II and another section for Division III. The NCAA is trying to segment out kids who know they are definitely going DIII so as not to go through the trouble of clearing their grades.  This saves the NCAA staff time. Also, they will send info to DIII-bound kids about what they need to be doing. So, if you have a goal to compete at the DI or DII levels, fill that section out. If your only interest is DIII, then fill out that section.