Milwaukee, WI


Jason Lauren, who lives in Milwaukee, Wis., is the Owner and a Scout for ScoutU. Since 2008, he has helped over 300 athletes from the Midwest move on to play in college to programs at every level across the country — from major NCAA Division I schools like Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Missouri and Purdue to Division III and JUCOs. The athletes he has guided through the recruiting process have committed to 136 colleges in 25 different states, from Arizona to Florida, Texas to Massachusettes and accross the Midwest.

Jason has implemented recruiting methods for his athletes that have resulted in millions of dollars of scholarships. Through his personal conversations with college coaches over the years and going through the recruiting process with hundreds of athletes, he has learned the ins and outs of how the recruiting process works and how to best guide athletes and their families through it. Jason has established relationships with hundreds of colleges coaches at all levels, most of which have come by meeting in person at games and events. He has given recruiting seminars for many events, teams and schools. Jason has been featured in the Milwaukee Business Journal and has been mentioned in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel many times when his athletes have made their college commitments. He employed two scouts who became scouts with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jason started his career as an award-winning sports journalist. He worked for the Green Bay Press-Gazette as a sports copy editor and reporter, covering hockey and writing a fantasy football column. He self-syndicated the column to papers around the country, including the Chicago Tribune. He also was the sports editor and a sports reporter for the Freeport (Ill.) Journal Standard. During Jason’s sports journalism career, he connected with several college coaches, learning how to communicate effectively with them. He graduated with a BS degree in entrepreneurship and minored in journalism at Northern Michigan University. He grew up in Ishpeming, Mich., a small town in the Upper Peninsula, and graduated from Westwood High School.

Jason resides in Greendale, Wis., with his wife, Laurie, 10-year-old daughter, Maisey, and their yellow-lab mix dog, Dorsey.


“Jason and ScoutU helped Kaeley immensely with her recruiting journey. Jason first reached out to Kaeley after watching her play in the Showtime Sports Showcase after her sophomore year. Kaeley had a minor injury that summer and missed some of the key exposure/showcase tournaments prior to her junior year starting. She had a few conversations going with schools but felt behind in her recruiting process. Jason’s help changed the entire trajectory of her recruiting, and I believe his help was a huge competitive advantage for her. Jason helped create her skills video, website and opened many doors with the email outreach programs. Most importantly, he coached her on how to represent herself and communicate about herself. This part of his advice was eye-opening and a game-changer for her. ScoutU’s advice and email outreach generated 300-plus unique interest responses, an overwhelming number, and many that Kaeley wouldn’t have known about otherwise. This led Kaeley to about 35 significant conversations, visits, etc., at all division levels. She ended up with many offers to consider and ultimately found her fit at a D3 program (UW-La Crosse). Jason was always available through the process for guidance and support — but he teaches the kids about the process, what to consider/expect and the skills to be confident and independent. For us, this was the huge value and add his service provided to help navigate the unknowns of recruiting. I would highly recommend Jason and ScoutU to anyone in the recruiting process. If we could go back in time, we would have started with Jason sooner!”

Paul Niemiec, dad of Kaeley

Softball, Menomonee Falls H.S., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

“We started looking at ScoutU after seeing what they were doing for other girls in our area for college basketball recruiting. During our first call with Jason, he was able to not only explain the ScoutU program in detail, but also gave us tons of valuable information on the process that prospective college athletes go through. Our daughter was contacted by over a hundred college coaches that showed interest in what she was able to bring to their teams. Through visits and phone calls, she came away with 12 offers to play college basketball at the D2 and D3 level. She ultimately chose a D3 program that she felt was not only the best fit for her from an educational, athletic and personal level but gave her the chance to play basketball for a very good team and great coaches. During our final visit to the school she committed to, the coach specifically mentioned that the way they first saw our daughter was through the ScoutU email that was sent to them.”

Jeff Payton, dad of Emma Payton

Basketball, Burlington Central H.S., Trine University

“ScoutU, along with recruiting advisor Jason Lauren, helped me get my name out to hundreds of college coaches, allowing me to evaluate and decide a college that best fit me.”

“I was at a showcase in Milwaukee when ScoutU first found out about me and at this point, I wasn’t fully aware of how the recruiting process really happened. A few weeks after the tournament I had a phone call with Jason Lauren who explained to me about what the recruiting process entailed. He helped me get my name to coaches and allowed me to relax and focus on just playing baseball. ScoutU, along with the help of Jason, has been extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend ScoutU to anyone interested in playing collegiate baseball!”

Isaiah Katz,

Baseball, Fall Creek H.S., St. Cloud State University

“ScoutU and Jason provided Sierra a competitive advantage in her recruiting journey. Not only was Jason always available and quick to reply with excellent advice, but the website, video, college contacts and emails provided Sierra so much opportunity that we simply would not have been able to accomplish independently. Sierra received several offers and was able to make the choice that provided the best scholarship, academic and athletic fit. I would highly recommend Jason and ScoutU. My only regret was that we did not start working with ScoutU sooner in this process! Thank you Jason for all your guidance and expertise through this recruitment process!”

Rebecca Mattano, mom of Sierra Thomas

Softball, Arrowhead H.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth


ScoutU Scout Jason Lauren has helped over 300 athletes go on to play in college. Below is a sampling of some of those athletes.


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