The prospect may select a list of colleges per year (see the number per year in your portal) to email college coaches. The email will include a link to the prospect’s ScoutU website and personal message. ScoutU will email a list of recommended schools, based off the prospect’s provided desires. The email replies will go to the prospect’s personal email that he or she will create specifically to be used for recruiting. If the Advanced College Search is included in your Exposure Program, make sure to utilize that to help you pick schools.


Fill out the form below. Send it at least 1 week prior to when you want it to be sent out. Do NOT send in this exposure request until you are ready for it to be sent out.  So, if you have updates that you are waiting to appear on your website, do NOT send in your exposure request. If you don’t have some information (like your specific schedule for a tournament), submit the service with as much information as you have 1 week prior and then send in the additional information ASAP when you have it. There is no guarantee the additional information can be included, but we will do our best to include it.