Lions add Wardley to the pride

2023 libero makes connection with East Coast program

Wardley Commits

March 2, 2023

By Jon Feyen

Many college athletes find it hard to explain exactly why they chose their school, often saying that it just felt right. That was definitely the case with ScoutU 2023 prospect Kyra Wardley, who recently committed to play for Bryn Athyn College in Pennsylvania.

“I had three colleges contact me about being the libero for their 2023 volleyball season, but Bryn Athyn spoke to me in my heart,” Wardley said. “I can’t see myself going anywhere else. The coach told me in her first email that ‘This was fate,’ and I truly believe that!”

Wardley, who currently attends Clarendon Hall Academy in South Carolina, is a tenacious player with precise serving ability (94%). She’s excited to continue her stellar academic career (4.3 GPA) at a school that perfectly matches her values.

“Bryn Athyn College is a small private, faith-based college,” Wardley said. “This college has trimesters so that degrees can be earned in less than 4 years. The campus is located 30 minutes from Philadelphia. BAC is going to be a continuation of the private, faith-based education system I have been in since a young age. What stood out about the campus was all the architecture of the historic buildings. The chapel is absolutely gorgeous!”

Wardley is always willing to put in the extra time, whether it’s practice, the weight room or camps. The Lions will give her a chance to develop her skills even further.

“Bryn Athyn is a D3 college and the volleyball program is starting to take off,” Wardley said. “I am super excited to have the opportunity to play at a college level! Having this opportunity showed me that all my hard work, sacrifices and dedication really paid off. I felt welcomed when I met the volleyball team, and I am pumped about playing with the ladies!”

ScoutU’s Travis Gilliam was impressed with Wardley’s hustle and versatility. She can play multiple positions on the court, all while carrying a great attitude and showing leadership.

“Kyra approached the recruiting process like no other,” Gilliam said. “Kyra had a notebook of schools she was interested in and then went after it. She was persistent in her approach. I knew if Kyra could get in front of a college coach, they would fall in love with her as a volleyball player and person like I did! She excels in the classroom as well as the court. Once she visited Bryn Athyn, I could tell not only did she find a school she adored, but she also found a family. She will not only be successful on the court but will be successful in life! I’m so very proud of Kyra.”

Every recruiting journey is unique, and Wardley had to make up for a late start. Her family is thankful that ScoutU provided the guidance to make her college dream come true.

“Travis (Gilliam) was an extraordinary asset in this process,” said Robyn Maready, Kyra’s mother. “We were so far behind on the 2023 recruiting process and were lost. He remained steadfast and focused on what he felt we should do and where we should focus. Sometimes you felt like giving up, but he would never let us. There were so many barriers imposed on us at what seemed like every step of the process, but he never let us down and pushed us through. He was there for many mom texts and lots of late-night phone calls, and working with him felt more like one of the family rather than just a recruiter doing a job!

“I am so happy I ran into one of his posts on Facebook! When Travis met Kyra, I think he knew immediately Kyra’s heart and how much she really loves volleyball. He recognized her commitment and work ethic. I feel like we all connected instantly. I know he wanted her to find a spot somewhere that filled her heart and where she would finally fit in. That is Bryn Athyn College! It was truly a pleasure to work with him.”

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“Travis (Gilliam) was an extraordinary asset in this process. We were so far behind on the 2023 recruiting process and were lost. He was there for many mom texts and late-night phone calls, and working with him felt more like one of the family rather than just a recruiter doing a job!”

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Kyra’s mother

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