Robran commits to University of Jamestown

2022 ScoutU forward takes her talents to NAIA program in the Midwest

Aliyah Robran Commits

November 2, 2021

By Jon Feyen

As a three-sport athlete, Aliyah Robran knows how to multi-task. She’s been named All-State in track while also excelling on the soccer pitch. Now, the 2022 ScoutU forward can add college basketball player to her resume after committing to the University of Jamestown, an NAIA school in North Dakota.

“I believe college coaches were attracted to Aliyah, because they could see she is a dedicated, hard-working and tenacious basketball player who gets results on the court and off,” ScoutU’s Linda Blackwell Bentley said. “With a 4.0 GPA and being a three-sport varsity athlete, coaches seek players with these unique skills. Aliyah medaled on the track team at state in the hurdles and the relay, which is a first in the history of her high school!”

During her junior season at Rockford High School in Minnesota, Robran averaged 10 points per game while leading the team in rebounds, assists and steals. After attracting the interest of several schools, she narrowed her offers down to four programs.

“I am beyond excited, but also very thankful for the opportunity,” Robran said. “It has always been a dream of mine since I could remember, and now watching all my hard work pay off to accomplish my dream and continue playing the sport I love is rewarding.”

Jamestown is about a 5-hour drive from Robran’s hometown of Greenfield, Minn. She had no problem picturing herself there for the next 4 years.

“I think what stood out was the community feel I sensed the team had – even with other sports teams – and the campus had what I needed, along with being beautiful,” Robran said.

Robran is not just an athletic star; she also carries a 4.07 GPA and scored 25 on the ACT. She applies that dedication both in the classroom and on the basketball court.

“When I first met her, I especially admired Aliyah’s work ethic,” Blackwell Bentley said. “It was a Sunday, and she just finished weight training to help her gain even more strength. That kind of effort takes exceptional discipline and fortitude, which are much-needed attributes at the college level. I look forward to hearing about Aliyah’s senior season as well as her future basketball and academic experiences at Jamestown University.”

High school student-athletes can be overwhelmed with all their responsibilities, especially when they include a big college decision. But thanks to ScoutU’s guidance, Robran continued having success while locking in her future.

“Linda promoted me on social media, helped my interactions with coaches, explained the basics of recruiting and created my ScoutU profile, which was very helpful with me being busy,” Robran said. “She also was helpful in reminding me to go out and play the way I know how to, so colleges will see what I can do.”

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“Linda promoted me on social media, helped my interactions with coaches, explained the basics of recruiting and created my ScoutU profile – which was very helpful with me being busy.”

Aliyah Robran

ScoutU 2022 basketball prospect

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