Recruiting is like looking for a job

Many lessons can be learned from the recruiting process that applies to looking for a job

October 25, 2018

By Jason Lauren

The college recruiting process can teach kids many valuable life lessons that they won’t learn if they aren’t the ones in charge of their process. It takes focus, commitment, responsibility, maturity and how to deal with rejection – all factors they will need when it comes time for them to look for a job.

I’ve heard several times over the 10-plus years I’ve been helping kids with their recruiting from parents that they think the recruiting process is a lot like looking for a job and will be a valuable experience when their son or daughter does have to look for a job after college.

What lessons can be learned from the recruiting process that is similar to looking for a job?

  • How to deal with rejection and stay motivated despite that rejection.
  • How to sell yourself.
  • How to communicate in a professional way.
  • How to stay organized.
  • How to manage your time effectively.

Let me be clear: the above has to be done by THE ATHLETE, not the parents. No lessons will be learned if the parent takes control of everything in the athlete’s recruiting process. For more on athletes taking responsibility for their recruiting, see a story here.

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