CLASS: 2023






GPA: 3.4


MAJOR: Physical education

HIGH SCHOOL: Indian River Central School (#29)

CLUB TEAM: Syracuse Junior Chiefs 15U (#29)




SKILLS: 80 mph IF, 79 mph exit

2018 MODIFIED MIDDLE SCHOOL: .750 BA,  18 H, 0 HR, 4 RBI, 17 R, 6 SB, 6 BB


Team Captain


Talfourd has extremely natural baseball actions in all that he does. His hands and feet work very well in the infield, always getting himself in the right position to consistently make plays. He plays with a combination of energy and baseball savvy that match nicely with his high level skill set. At the plate, this RHH has a rhythmic swing with excellent feel for the barrel. He uses the whole field very well and has excellent strike zone judgement.
— Jason Lauren, ScoutU Scout, 414-303-7607 (cell), Jason@ScoutU.com

Talfourd plays his summer baseball with me for the Syracuse Jr. Chiefs 15U. He is a strong middle infielder and catcher. His baseball IQ is very high for such a young kid. He makes many plays look routine that are far from it. His strengths include arm strength, speed and agility. Talfourd is continuing to work on his swing with us. His focus is to increase his gap-to-gap power by staying in the zone longer. He continues to improve this with other coaches and players as well. In addition to his baseball ability, he is a great teammate and leader for our team. He is always working hard to improve and make the team better. Talfourd is coachable and will be a great asset to any program. Please reach out if you need any more information.
— CJ Vivacqua, Syracuse Jr. Chiefs Coach, cvivacqua@liverpool.k12.ny.us


Hi, my name is Talfourd Wynne III.  I will graduate with the class of 2023 at Indian River Central in Philadelphia, New York.  I am currently 5-foot-7 and I weigh 125 pounds.  I am a middle infielder, pitcher, catcher and third baseman. Last year, I led our modified baseball team in batting average and ERA, and I was also elected as the team captain.  My GPA is currently a 3.4.  I haven’t decided yet what kind of major I want to pursue, but I am interested in physical education.  Something that stands out about me is my situational knowledge of the game while in the field and at bat.  

Something that I excel at is my ability to understand where to place the ball when hitting, my ability to extend my at bats, working a walk and/or getting a hit.  Outside of games and practices, I work out regularly.  I work out for 30 minutes to an hour every day, except for Sunday when I do a variety of stretches and resistance band workouts.  When I work out, I take 200 swings off a tee and constantly move inside, outside, high and low on the tee. Then, I usually do fielding drills: short hops, routine ground balls, line drives and pop ups, working both on my forehand and backhand technique.  

Last season, I played on our high school’s junior varsity team and now as an 8th grader, I was invited to try out for our varsity program as there is no junior varsity program at this time. I will also be working with the 7-10 year olds for our local baseball program, helping them learn basic baseball skills such as fielding, hitting and throwing. 

I am an extremely competitive person and strive for success in everything I do. Playing at the collegiate level has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. I have been blessed to have the full support of my family and coaches. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to review my profile.  I look forward to working with you and your coaching staff, your school and baseball program.  I will represent your school and baseball program to the best of my ability both on and off the field.


GPA: 3.4
Class rank: 106
Enrollment: 556
Community service: Volunteer with Philadelphia Youth Baseball
Award: Nominated for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence for outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine.


2021 JR. CHIEFS 15U
June 24-27: PBR, Cordland, NY
July 2-3: Elite Baseball Fireworks Classic, Millersville, PA
July 14-17: NE Prospects, Worcester, MA
July 23-25: NE Championships, Oswego, NY
July 30-Aug. 1: Lake Erie Classic, Cedar Point, OH