CLASS: 2021






GPA: 3.75


MAJOR: Biology

HIGH SCHOOL: Waverly (#17)

CLUB TEAM: Nebraska Quakes Mizuno (#9)




SKILLS: 1.83 pop, 60 mph OH, 3.2 home-1st, 71 mph exit TRAVEL BALL: .371 BA, .511 OBP, .655 SLG


2019 Honorable Mention All-Conference Honorable Mention All-State Academic All-Conference


Morgan Schuelke is a dominate 2021 C/IFC from Waverly, NE, with a HUGE presence on the field. She brings a big disciplined bat to the dish and will make a pitcher pay for any mistake. Tons of power and sees the ball well. A kid that will get her monies worth every at bat and will be a good asset in the 3-4 hole for just about anyone. She does project well with her current 5-foot-7 and strong 165-pound frame. As a catcher, she does her job well and is a leader on the field. Has a strong arm, reads runners, controls her pitcher, and brings a near 1.8 consistent pop time, which only will get better with experience and growth. She is a kid that her teammates look up to and has all the intangibles that every coach looks for. — Scott Woodcock, ScoutU Scout & Midway University Assistant Coach, 423-255-3106,


Hello, my name is Morgan Schuelke. I am a 2021 C/3B/1B from Waverly, NE. I attend Waverly High School, and I maintain a 3.75 GPA. I spend most of my time in the spring and summer in club softball with the Nebraska Quakes Prime Mizuno Voisin. I have a 60 mph overhand velocity, 1.83 pop, 71 mph bat exit, and I had a .511 OBP during my travel ball season.  I have played softball for as long as I can remember, and I have loved it ever since. I love the competitiveness and the relationships that come with the game. Softball has truly blessed me with some of the best people in my life. My first big memory of softball was when I was playing rec ball in third grade. I remember winning the Cass County Homestead League championship game. At a young age, I knew I didn’t want to play volleyball or dance, like all of the other girls. Softball was my sport!  I believe that my greatest asset is my bat. I am a confident and aggressive when at the plate. I love going for the first strike I get and driving in runs. This high school season, I led my team in home runs and RBIs. I am diligent about being a good teammate and a leader on and off the field. Being a catcher, I know that it is my job to command the field and be a captain.  I have gained leadership and life skills while working miscellaneous part-time jobs. I have babysat, and I have bussed tables at a local restaurant. I have taken multiple classes in order to obtain certifications in lifeguarding, CPR and first aid. I am currently working part time at the YMCA in Lincoln, NE, and I also work as a sales associate at our local shopping mall.  When I am not playing softball or working, I enjoy spending time with my family. My family means a lot to me, and they have been a huge part of my softball career as they have been my support system through it all. When I’m not playing ball out of town, I like attending the church I have grown up in — First United Methodist Church. I am also a member of our church’s sanctuary choir.  I live in a small town and have met some really great people through my church and in my faith. God has blessed me with the game of softball, and I am dedicated to making myself the best athlete that I can be and improving my skills everyday.


GPA: 3.75 ACT:  NA Class rank: Top 20% of class (her school does not rank) Enrollment: 590 Academic achievements: “A” Honor Roll, FCA Club, FFA Club, Spanish Club Other sports: Tennis