CLASS: 2021






GPA: 3.2


MAJOR: Undecided

HIGH SCHOOL: South Paulding High School (#10)

CLUB TEAM: EC Bullets-Scarborough (#10)

HOMETOWN: Douglasville, GA



SKILLS: 64 mph OH, 3.1 H-1st from right side SOPHOMORE: .487 BA, .540 OBP, .892 SLG, 14 HR, 1.000 field% 2018 CLUB: .454 BA, .606 OBP, .753 SLG, 1.259 OPS, 9 HR (1 GS), 55 RBI, 22 2B, 43 1B, 24 SB


SOPHOMORE (SOUTH PAULDING H.S.) Broke school record for HR, doubles & RBIs; tied the school record for triples 1st-Team All-Region 5-6A 2nd-Team All-State .1000 Fielding Percentage Athlete of the Week for Paulding, Bartow and Douglas FRESHMAN (SOUTH PAULDING H.S.) Varsity letter


Georgia Bice is a legit 2021 talent from Douglasville, GA. Kid’s a work horse with a phenomenal work ethic. As an OF, Georgia can run and track extremely well, but her biggest asset is by far her arm. She has a cannon that registers at 64 mph OH. Offensively, Georgia has some of the fastest hands I’ve seen. She sees the ball well and rarely connects with anything that isn’t hit hard. She is a solid gap-style hitter with exceptional power and will most likely be a 3- or 4-hole hitter for most programs. This summer, Georgia hit 9 HRs with one being a grand slam and will only get better. Great attitude and a great teammate who will be a leader by example and someone who any coach can count on. — Scott Woodcock, ScoutU Southeast Scout, for more information on Georgia, text or call 423-255-3106, email at As an “A” level travel team coach with over 20+ years of experience, I have had the opportunity to coach many great players over the years. Among those great athletes, Georgia Bice is by far at the TOP of my list. Defensively, Georgia has many talents that make her a valuable asset on the field. She has proven to be a true leader in many defensive positions. In the outfield, she has all the necessary tools to get the job done and cover a large range of area in the outfield. Her speed and ability to read the ball make it a real challenge for hitters to get on base when a ball is hit to Georgia’s side of the outfield. As a first baseman, Georgia’s strong athletic build and long frame allow her to make some great stretching catches. She has soft hands for fielding ground balls and a strong arm to quickly get the ball to the next out opportunity. She has made several big plays and her strong defensive glove is an amazing asset to the team. With her above-average agility and athleticism, she moves around well at her position and covers bunts aggressively. In fact, Georgia is known to lay out for a bunt while playing 1B, as well as diving for fly balls in the outfield. In our most recent ASA Qualifier, Georgia made a diving catch on a bunt attempt and was able to keep our opponent from advancing the runner. Georgia’s ability to not only play any OF position and 1B, but also cover a lot of range at those positions, makes her a huge part of our defense. Offensively, Georgia is an amazing POWERHOUSE HITTER ! She has been putting in a lot of extra work that has really made her the offensive threat she is. Within a 30-day period, she has hit 8 home runs in games, and several dozens of home runs at team practices. She has quickly earned her spot in the top of the batting order where she is currently batting in the 3rd or 4th spot. In addition to the 8 home runs in a single month, she has also had dozens of other great hits, including singles, doubles and triples. Although Georgia is a big power hitter for our team, she also knows the importance of getting the bunts down for her team when there is a bunt situation. Georgia’s strong and consistent performance at the plate has been a key contributor in helping her team secure their 2018 berth to the 14A / USA/ASA National Championship in Bowling Green, KY. Georgia, with her strong bat, defensive skills and her commitment to put in so much additional work outside of normal practice, will definitely put her on some big schools watch lists. — Larry Reed, head coach, Premier FP-Reed 14A (Kennesaw, GA)


Hello, my name is Georgia Bice. Thank you so much for considering me for your program. I will graduate in 2021 at South Paulding High School in Douglasville, Georgia, with the goal of graduating with an academic and softball scholarship to play at the collegiate level. I have known since I was 4 years old and watching my older sister play ball that this was my dream. I started playing ball shortly after that and have been playing since. I played recreation ball from age 4-7 and entered into the travel arena when I was 8 years old. Being raised in a christian home has been such a blessing and has taught me that if I continue to put my relationship with God first and put in the amount of time, work and discipline that is required, I will be successful in my classes as well as on the field and other areas of my life. I have been taught that this sport is so much more than softball and that it has, all along, been teaching me about life — playing for the name on the front of the jersey, having a great attitude, putting the team first, respect, a great work ethic, etc. There are so many things that I have learned on the field that have had such a positive effect on me off the field and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful for the many wonderful coaches I have had over the years who have been good mentors to me. I currently play an A ball schedule as a second year 14U A player with the EC Bullets-Scarborough. I am a lefty and play a solid first base and can play anywhere in the outfield. I hit for power from the right side and can slap and drag bunt from the left side when the game calls for it, due to my ability to get down the line quickly. I usually hit in the top four. I have the ability to hit home runs. I look forward to learning more about your program! Thank you for taking the time to review my profile.


GPA: 3.2 ACT: NA Class rank: 145 of 420 Enrollment: 1900 Academic achievements: A/B Honor Roll, BETA Club