CLASS: 2021





GPA: 3.0


MAJOR: Education/Nursing

HIGH SCHOOL: Hartford Union (#1)

CLUB TEAM: Wisconsin Premier (#17)

HOMETOWN: Hartford, WI



CAREER HIGH SCHOOL: 385 digs (3.8/set, 9.2/match), 93.2% serve%, 26 aces, 60 assists, 608 receptions (14.5/match)


Honorable Mention North Shore All-Conference
Most Improved Award, voted on by teammates (Hartford Union H.S.)

2019 CLUB
3rd at Nationals


DS/L; Casey is a volleyball player who is a tremendous defensive player. As a junior, Casey received Honorable Mention All-Conference and was named Most Improved Player for her team. I have watched Casey play on multiple occasions. Casey has an innate ability to be able to read her blockers as well as the action on the opposing side of the net, process it and gets herself into optimal defensive positioning. Casey has a belief she can have an impact on every play while she is on the court, a belief that transcends into her never-give-up attitude. Casey is a very pleasant person to be around. Casey is very determined in everything she does, she is hard working and passionate from the volleyball court to the classroom.
— Chad Tuszkiewicz, ScoutU Scout, 414-313-9881,

I coached Casey Miller during the 2020 club season as she played on the Wisconsin Premier 18s team. I would describe Casey as genuine, thoughtful, respectful to her teammates, coaches and family and friends, she has a positive can-do attitude, she stays curious about the game of volleyball being a student of the game and being a sponge, taking in information and putting her abilities to the test. She is a tough player and willing to sacrifice to put her body on the floor to pursue a volleyball. Casey has a strong work ethic.  She comes to practice and tournaments ready to play. When she steps on the court, she is focused and gets her teammates focused. Her presence on the court is still felt in many ways. Casey was my DS and libero (strictly back row 3 rotations for me). She would go into serve and play defense. Casey is a very effective server, primarily a standing-float server. Casey was very accurate and consistent when I gave her zones to serve at. She is a player that is very comfortable being able to come straight off the bench into the game and serve. Casey has a smooth platform transition when digging. The ability to stay neutral with hands and react to using hands to set the ball is good.  She is not afraid to hit the floor!!!! She will lay her body on the line to dig/save a ball. Casey has the ability to swing from the back row.  Casey has pretty good hitting mechanics, arm swing and the ability to get into proper positioning to attack from the back row.
— RJ Adams, Wisconsin Premier 18s coach (2020) 

I coached Casey beginning her U13 year until 2019. During that time, I was her club coach 3 times as well as her summer program coach. I have watched her grow from sharing the libero responsibility as a U13 to owning the court during her last year with me, which resulted in a third-place finish at Nationals in 2019! 

Ability: Casey’s key attribute is reading what the other team is doing and reacting prior to it actually happening. She has spent hours in the gym rehearsing various eye sequencing drills. Gaining little clues that will help her react, she has been trained to pass with her hands whenever possible to speed the tempo up. Casey is an above-average server. As one would expect from a libero, she is very strong in serve-receive as well as digging. 

Athletic Skill: Casey has a very quick first step. She is in good shape and moves to the ball quickly. She has no problem laying out with sprawls or rolls. 

Character: Character is built and reinforced by those around us. Casey has been surrounded with people who have and expect character. Her mom and dad have created a home of love, nurture and support, but not coddling. Casey has thrived and become a strong person through the Miller family’s wonderful love. Her high school coach reinforced character. College coaches will never need to worry about Casey dragging the team down, because she will be bringing it up! 

Work Ethic: I have watched Casey fail at a skill many times. Everyone fails when they are learning new skills. What sets Casey apart is she actually listens and wants to understand how the skill works, and then she works hard repeatedly until she has mastered it. She will always work hard. 

Casey played in a system that the libero had a lot of freedom.  As she grew older and more experienced, she began to recognize that there was not a spot on the floor she needed to get to, rather, she needed to go get the ball wherever it was. Learning how to read at a high level allowed her to have freedom to play at a high level. I am a coach who has very high expectations of my liberos. She became a libero who met my expectations! 

I whole-heartedly endorse Casey Miller as a volleyball player and a person!
— Alan Capps, club coach (2016-2019)

Casey is a driven, coachable athlete who always puts the team before herself. She is always asking questions to improve her technique and help the team dynamics of the back row. Casey understands the unique leadership responsibilities of a libero, and she puts the team on her shoulders by leading through focus and intensity.
— Taylor Klinzing, Hartford Union H.S. coach


My name is Casey Miller.  I am reaching out as an interested libero/DS, class of 2021 from Hartford Union High School in Wisconsin.  I am very proud to have been awarded Honorable Mention North Shore All-Conference and the Most Improved Player on my team as a junior.  I am 5-foot-4 and weigh 120 pounds.  I am incredibly excited to be on the search for my future college volleyball home.  Volleyball is a sport I have played since I was 12 years old and is a sport I have loved since the moment I started playing.  I have played high school varsity since my sophomore year, and I was the starting libero in my junior season.  One of the greatest moments in my club volleyball career was my team finishing third at Nationals in 2019.

I believe my biggest strengths are my compassion for people and my strong work ethic.  My high school coaches named me the player with the “biggest heart,” yet I still have a strong desire to win.  I also see the reward when your teammates are cheered on no matter what.  I have worked very hard in and out of the gym to become the athlete and student I am today.  I have a 3.0 GPA, and I am always striving to not only do my best, but continue to get better along the way.  I am also very thankful to have a wonderful mom and dad who have always supported me and so many amazing teammates and coaches throughout the years.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read through my message.  I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you in the future.


GPA: 3.0
Enrollment: 1,344
Community service: Woman’s Shelter Friends Inc. (organized women’s clothing in preparation of job interviews for the women at the shelter); Soles for Souls  (grouped, labeled and shipped shoes for less fortunate); Hartford Union HS Day of Service (freshman/sophomore year mulched the Hartford Library and cleaned up outside an elderly home)
Other sports: JV Soccer (freshman & sophomore)